Follow These Steps to Enroll as an FCC credit student:


Step 1: Apply for admission to the college.

All students taking credit classes toward a degree or credit certificate must fill out the free application for admission. After submitting your application, you will receive a letter via U.S. mail providing your Student ID Number, which you will need to create your FCC login (username and password); see Step 3.
Please allow two business days between applying and registering for classes.
Apply online here or pick up a paper application from the Welcome Center, Enrollment Services Building, room J-101.
If you need help or have questions, contact the Admissions Office at 301.624.2716 or via email.

If you are on campus, stop by the Admissions Office anytime to speak with an admissions representative who can answer your questions.

Step 2:  Make a note of important deadlines.

Important deadlines:

Registration Deadlines 
Payment due Deadlines

Financial Aid Deadlines:

If you live in Maryland, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to March 1 for the coming school year (fall semester) to be considered for Maryland State scholarships along with federal aid. The next year's FAFSA will be available on January 1.
** To guarantee that your financial aid is awarded prior to the payment due date for your classes, submit all required information by:
- June 1 for fall semester
- October 31 for spring semester
It is easiest to complete the FAFSA when you already have your Federal Income Tax Return prepared.  Why not complete both at the same time?
You must reapply for financial aid every school year.
FCC Scholarship Application Deadlines:
The FCC Foundation Scholarship application deadline is May 31, 2014. Additional information will be available here once the application opens. 

Step 3: Apply for financial aid.

While FCC is one of the most affordable options for higher education in the region, many students need and will qualify for financial aid. Assistance options are available from federal and state financial aid programs offering grants, loans, and scholarships.
Students should consider their options carefully and understand the responsibility of educational debt. For those who need assistance, the first step is determining eligibility.

*Complete the FCC financial aid application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FCC’s school code for the FAFSA form is 002071.

*Check your myFCC email account throughout the application process in case the Financial Aid Office requests additional information.

*You must be enrolled in an approved degree or certificate program to be eligible for financial aid.

*All students enrolling in an approved degree or certificate program (credit classes) may apply for financial aid, except International F-1 Visa students. Federal financial aid is not available for international students who are not U.S. citizens.  However, scholarship information for international students is available at:

The Financial Aid Office is located in the Enrollment Services Building, J-301.
Staff members can be reached by phone at 301.846.2620 or via email: financialaid

Complete information about financial aid is available here

Step 4: Submit transcripts and test scores.

FCC strives to start all students at an educational level that will promote their learning and success. Unless exempted by previous college credits, or grades and test scores that meet specific criteria, you will need to take placement tests in reading, writing and mathematics.
- high school and previous college transcripts,
- college entrance exam scores, and
- Advanced Placement (AP) test scores
to determine if you need to take placement tests or if you are exempt.
These documents will determine:
- which placement tests you are required to take,
- the courses you may register for, or
- the courses you may be eligible to receive credit for based on previous grades or scores.
**Submit scores and transcripts prior to taking placement tests and prior to your advising session, to be prepared to register for classes during your advising session.
·   Have your high school send official transcripts to: 
Frederick Community College
Welcome Center
7932 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, MD  21702

Or, provide proof of a General Educational Development (GED) diploma.

International students’ transcripts must be translated into English 
·   Math and English placement – Frederick County Public School graduates:
Students from FCPS high schools who earned an A or B in Algebra II or in a higher level math course in their junior or senior year, as indicated on the high school transcript, are exempt from placement testing for math. Scores are valid for one year (two semesters) after graduation from a Frederick County public high school.  Students from schools outside of Frederick County need to take math placement tests, regardless of grades in their high school math classes.
·   Transfer students who have attended other colleges should submit official transcripts from those colleges to the Welcome Center (see address above.) Acceptable credits in math and English classes from another college may exempt FCC students from placement testing. Courses must be evaluated by FCC’s Transfer Specialist before credit is granted.
·   College entrance exam scores – Print a copy of your:
ACT scores ( or
SAT scores (
and bring them to the Testing Center (Library Building, L-104)
or mail to:
Frederick Community College Testing Center
7932 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, MD 21702
Attn: SAT/ACT Scores
SAT or ACT scores:
Students who achieved the scores listed below on the SAT or ACT college entrance exams within the last five years should submit their scores to be exempted from placement testing:

Scores are accepted for five years from the date the test is taken.
·   Advanced Placement (AP) scores:  Students with AP test scores of 3 or better in
AP English Language & Composition,
AP English Literature & Composition and/or
AP Calculus or Statistics
are exempt from reading, writing and math placement testing but must provide a copy of their AP scores to the Testing Center prior to registering for classes.

Step 5: Take FCC placement tests.

FCC’s Testing Center follows Maryland guidelines for skill assessment prior to registration. (See the FCC catalog.) Proficiency in reading comprehension, sentence skills (grammar), study skills, math, and essay writing is measured by taking placement tests. Developmental skill-building courses will be required when scores do not meet state-mandated cutoffs.
Important information about placement tests:
• Bring your FCC Student ID number (located in the upper right corner of your acceptance letter.)

• Bring a photo ID (driver’s license, school ID, employee ID, passport, MVA temporary photo ID.) Students without a photo ID will not be permitted to test or register for courses.
·   The Testing Center location: room L-104, Library Building, 301.846.2522
·   Testing is given for free on a walk-in basis; no appointment is necessary.
·   Tests are not timed and usually take approximately three hours.

• If you place in a noncredit developmental reading, writing or math class, you may retest one time per basic skills test. Additional reviewing is recommended before retesting; however, please retest as soon as possible. You must have all placement tests completed prior to your advising appointment and registering for classes.

• The reading and math tests are adaptive, computer-based tests. Adaptive testing permits customized testing of each individual student.

• If you are required to take a writing test, you will write a 300-word essay on a given topic.

• Bring your own graphing calculator for the math test.

• If you have a documented disability and require accommodations for your testing, please contact FCC’s Services for Students with Disabilities Office, 301.846.2408, at least five days before taking your tests.

• You will receive a printout of your test scores after you complete your test.  If you need to complete a writing sample it may take up to two business days for the score to be processed.  Your advisor will be able to access your scores as soon as you complete the tests.

·   For their own safety and out of consideration for other testers, children are NOT permitted in the Testing Center and are not to be left unattended during testing.
Complete information about placement testing is available here

Step 6: Create your FCC login and myFCC email account.

Your myFCC email account is the college’s official means of communicating with students, so check it daily for important announcements and for messages such as your transfer credits evaluation, advising notes, student account summary (bill), and campus alerts.
Use your myFCC email account for all FCC communications!
If you email your instructor or advisor from a different email address, it may end up in their junk mail folder. Your question or message may never be read (or answered) if you send it from another email account.
Your username and password are required to access your personal information such as your financial aid documentation and grades. They are also required to use (log on to) computers on campus.


Step 7: Meet with an advisor to discuss your placement test results, transfer credits, and for assistance registering for classes.

After you have completed the previous steps, please sign up online for your first year advising appointment at

When you meet with an advisor, bring your:
- Photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, passport, etc.). Students who do not bring a photo ID will not be able to register for classes.
- FCC Student ID# (located in the upper right corner of your acceptance letter from the college).
Counseling & Advising Office
Location: Enrollment Services Building J-201
- call 301.846.2471,
- 301.846.2625 TDD, or
- send a message to emailadvising (via your myFCC email account)
Complete information about Counseling & Advising is available here.
Register for classes. Using the class schedule for the semester you plan to attend, select courses you need to fulfill your degree or certificate requirements.
Fill in the online registration form with the classes you want to take and the sections (days and times the classes meet) that fit your schedule.
If you need assistance with registration, consult your advisor or visit the Welcome Center, Enrollment Services Building, J-101 or call 301.846.2430.
Class schedules are available here.

Step 8: Pay your bill.

Tuition is charged based on state and county residence. Please confirm your residency status before registering. For more information and a list of what documents can be used as proof of residency, click here. For residency questions, contact the Welcome Center, Enrollment Services Building, J-101, 301.846.2430.
You may pay your tuition:
• In full by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), or
• Through FACTS, FCC’s convenient, interest-free payment plan.
You are responsible for paying for your classes or being enrolled in the FACTS payment plan by the end of the pre-registration period (the payment due date).
Payment due dates are always listed in the opening pages of each class schedule. Registrations not paid by the end of the pre-registration payment due date will be dropped to allow other students to fill seats in those classes. Students with anticipated financial aid on their student account summary will not be dropped.
After pre-registration ends, you must pay your tuition at the time you register for classes or sign up to use the FACTS Payment Plan, allowing you to make a partial payment.
If you decide not to attend FCC, please withdraw from classes using the online system.
To pay online:
Log on to your FCC PeopleSoft account. Select Campus Finances/Make a Payment.  All major credit cards are accepted (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express). 
To pay in person:
Visit the Student Accounts Office, Enrollment Services Building, J-119
Monday 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Tuesday - Friday:  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Hours vary during the summer and winter months.
To pay in monthly payments through the FACTS interest-free payment plan:
The number of payments is determined by the date you apply for the plan – the earlier you apply, the more payments you have and the smaller each payment will be.
Interest-free payment plans are available to credit students for fall and spring semesters. Payments are automatically deducted on the fifth of each month from your designated bank account or can be billed to your designated credit or debit card.
Monthly payments are deducted or billed until your tuition bill is paid in full.
For students who choose to pay via payment plans, the Student Accounts Office receives immediate notification of your enrollment, which secures your seat in the classes for which you are registered.
Apply for the FACTS Payment Plan
Click here
·   Stop by the Student Accounts Office, Enrollment Services Building, J-119, to complete an application.
Monday  8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Tuesday - Friday:  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Hours vary during the summer and winter months.
Is there a fee to use the FACTS Plan?
There is a $25 enrollment fee for each semester you enroll in the plan. However, it is interest free!
If you have questions about paying your bill or about the FACTS payment plan, visit the:
Student Accounts Office, Enrollment Services Building, J-119, or call 301.846.2658, or email cashiers
If you are not receiving financial aid, or if you have a partial award or your award has not yet been processed, you will need to pay for your classes online or at the Student Accounts Office by the payment due date.
Check the status of your Financial Aid 

Step 9: Buy books.

Books for credit and noncredit courses are available at the FCC Bookstore in the Classroom/Student Center Building (H Building). Students may purchase books with cash, checks, and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and Discover).  Textbooks are available for purchase about three weeks before the start of each semester.
You can also visit the FCC Bookstore website to order books online, to verify information about the books and materials required for your courses, and to view buy-back hours at the end of the semester.
Some used books are available, but used ones are purchased quickly, so plan to buy your books early if you want used books. You can also purchase your books from any bookseller. Check the Bookstore website to make sure you have the correct edition and all supporting materials.
Bookstore hours:
8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Connect with the Bookstore or call 301.846.2464.


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