Strategic Plan 2013-2015

  Mission With teaching and learning as our primary focus, FCC prepares an increasingly diverse student body to complete their goals of workforce preparation, transfer, career development and personal enrichment with quality, innovative lifelong learning. In traditional and alternative learning environments, we anticipate and respond to the needs of our local, regional and global communities.
  Vision We transform individuals and communities through learning.
  Values Learning
Lifelong acquisition of knowledge and skills

Creative Thinking and approaches that enhance learning and support continuous improvement

Visible and invisible human differences that affect the success of students, staff, and members of the community

Upholding high academic standards by providing a quality educational environment.

Encouraging the engagement of all internal and external stakeholders through communication and collaboration.

Fair and ethical standards in all policies, procedures, and practices.
  Promote academic excellence in teaching and learning
Strategic Objectives:
  • Develop and implement standards for learning environments
  • Develop a shared vision of a Learning College
  • Identify and enhance policies or programs that support completion and goal attainment
  • Enhance learning with a variety of student engagement opportunities
  • Support innovative instruction
  Increase student success and goal achievement
Strategic Objectives:
  • Increase interdivisional collaboration and communication to support student success and/or goal achievement
  • Improve and enhance data standards for available and future data
  • Utilize data available to students and staff to increase student success
  • Increase access to programs and services that support goal completion
  Enhance access, support, and opportunities that meet the needs of diverse and changing populations
Strategic Objectives:
  • Increase diversity of student and employee base
  • Infuse global perspectives into programs and services
  • Enhance an inclusive climate for students and employees
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures that enable efficient access for all students
  Expand opportunities for employee excellence and professional development
Strategic Objectives:
  • Evaluate the current human resources policies and procedures
  • Implement a formal plan for professional development
  • Implement recognition and reward system for cross-divisional achievements
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the allocation of human resources (e.g. analysis of workload)
  • Implement succession planning for the projected employment demands
  • Implement a “Career Ladder” program to increase employee retention
  Identify and secure additional funding to meet the College's mission
Strategic Objectives:
  • Engage in entrepreneurial resource development
  • Increase strategic spending in order to leverage resources (e.g. human and financial)
  • Invest in infrastructure to support the application process for grants and support after grants end
  Advance the College's commitment to and success in assessing its effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals
Strategic Objectives:
  • Implement an improved Institutional Effectiveness Procedure
  • Continue to use College resources effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrate a participatory culture of Strategic Planning and assessment
  • Assess activities related to student access and completion
  • Demonstrate implementation and decision-making as a result of the planning process
  Utilize new and emerging technologies that improve learning and business operations
Strategic Objectives:
  • Develop an organized and sustainable plan to manage technology
  • Develop technological proficiencies campus wide
  • Increase the effectiveness of existing technologies
  • Optimize the automation of business processes
  Increase programs and services that anticipate and respond to current and future workforce needs
Strategic Objectives:
  • Provide effective programs and services in response to business and community needs
  • Improve the College's capacity to offer credit and non-credit programs
  • Develop a capacity for an institutional response to workforce needs
  • Integrate the FCC strategic planning with the strategic planning at the national, state, county, and local levels
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