Student Demographics

Fall 2016 Enrollment Highlights

  • The credit enrollment for fall 2016 was 6,252 students. On average, students took 8 credits.
  • The return rate of students who were enrolled in spring 2016 and returned in fall 2016 is 56%.
  • The ratio of full-time (32%) to part-time (68%) students changed this semester with a three percent decline compared to Fall 2015.
  • Female students make up 56% of the fall 2016 student body. The male population experienced less than one percent increase while female increased by one percent compared to last year.
  • Concurrently enrolled at high school and FCC increased 22% with 1,026 students compared to Fall 2015.  Also, 236 students transferred to FCC from four-year universities and 28 students transferred from other two-year institutions.
  • Students of color is 34% of the current population with African American/Black is 12%, Hispanic 11%, and Asian 5%. The White students are 66% of the student body.
  • Traditional age students (18-21) comprise 41% of Fall 2016 enrollment and the average age is 20. The largest increase in the student population was in the 17 or under group which increased by 17% from Fall 2015 to Fall 2016 mainly due to the increase of high school based dual enrollment.
  • First generation students are 26% of the students.
  • Students are enrolled in different instructional modality which 70% of them take all their courses on campus. The percentage of students taking all their courses online is 12% and some courses online 18%.
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