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You're smart to invest in your future at FCC. Our tuition and fees are about half of what they are at four-year public colleges in Maryland. We'll help you find a variety of financial aid and clearly explain the federal government's Hope Scholarship tax credit and our deferred tuition plan.

Residency & Tuition
Spring & Summer 2017 Tuition and Fees
Credits In-County Out-of-County Out-of-State
1 $144.12 $284.12 $376.12
2 $288.24 $568.24 $752.24
3 $432.36 $852.36 $1,128.36
4 $576.48 $1,136.48 $1,504.48
5 $720.60 $1,420.60 $1,880.60
6 $864.72 $1,704.72 $2,256.72
7 $1,008.84 $1,988.84 $2,632.84
8 $1,152.96 $2,272.96 $3,008.96
9 $1,297.08 $2,557.08 $3,385.08
10 $1,441.20 $2,841.20 $3,761.20
11 $1,583.08 $3,123.08 $4,135.08
12 $1,724.96 $3,404.96 $4,508.96
13 $1,866.84 $3,686.84 $4,882.84
14 $2,008.72 $3,968.72 $5,256.72
15 $2,150.60 $4,250.60 $5,630.60
16 $2,292.48 $4,532.48 $6,004.48
Amounts include tuition, consolidated service fee, and student activity fee. The consolidated service fee supports costs associated with registration, transcripts, commencement, various instructional and support services, technology costs, capital expenditures including capital improvements, parking, maintenance and repair of college equipment/systems, and safety and security needs.

The Student Activity Fee is a fee charged to all credit  students each academic term.  The revenue generated goes into a special account administered by the Student Government Association to fund social, recreational, and cultural events, campus clubs and student organizations, authorized student travel and service trips, and annual signature student events such as New Student Convocation, Success Week, Welcome Week, and Wellness Events.  The fee is charged on a credit hour basis for up to a maximum of 10 credit hours. 
In-County per credit hour $ 119.00
Out-of-County per credit hour 259.00
Out-of-State per credit hour 351.00
Consolidated service fee (per credit hour) $ 22.88
Student Activities (10 credit maximum) 2.24
Admissions Application no charge
Schedule Change no charge
Credit by Portfolio (per credit hour) 50% of tuition
Credit by Departmental Exam (per credit hour) 50% of tuition
Building Trades (per class) $ 71.40
Welding (per class) $180.00
Applied Music (per class) $490.00
Culinary Arts (per class)
Please refer to the specific HOS course. Some courses require a chef uniform and basic knife or pastry set.
$ 121.00
FEMA (per credit hour)

Module Exam (subject to change)
Payment is due at time of registration and nonrefundable.
$90.00 (Starting 5/1)

Physical Education Fees
Please refer to the specific PE course for fees that may be payable to the site where the class meets.
Surgical Technology Fees
Please refer to the specific ST course for fees that may be required.
*Tuition and fees rates are subject to change.
** In special cases, the college may charge additional fees. Some classes may charge additional fees for equipment or materials.

Students are responsible for the purchase of texts and other materials for each class. The average cost is about $150 per course.

Financial Aid


Email: Financial Aid
Jefferson Hall
Suite J-301 (third floor)
Phone: 301.846.2480
Fax: 301.624.2886

Current office hours:

Monday - Thursday
8:30 a.m.- 7:00 p.m

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Student Accounts Office

Email: Student Accounts
Jefferson Hall
Suite J-119 (first floor)
Phone: 301.846.2658
Fax: 301.846.2648

Current office hours:
Monday  - Thursday

8:30a.m.- 7:00p.m.

8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.


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Student Right to Know
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