Commencement 2016


Students who anticipate completing the requirements for an associate's degree or certificate of accomplishment are required to apply for Graduation through your PeopleSoft account. After signing in to PeopleSoft, choose Student Center. In "Academics" click on the drop down for "Other Academics" and select apply for graduation. Students who wish to earn a letter of recognition should fill out the Letter of Recognition Graduation Application.

There are important differences between commencement and graduation with which you should be familiar.

Commencement refers to the ceremony, officiated by the President of the College, where you share the excitement and importance of your academic accomplishments with peers, family, and friends. It is also a time for the College, Board of Trustees, senior administrators, and faculty to pay special tribute to you for the outstanding efforts you have shown in earning your degree.

Graduation, on the other hand, is a three-step process consisting of submitting an Application for Graduation, completing all academic requirements for your degree or certificate, and settling all financial obligations. The administrative process of degree conferral will indicate your official date of graduation.

If you have not filled out the Application for Graduation in your People Soft Student Center or via the Graduation Application Form, please do so immediately or contact the Associate Registrar with any questions.

There are four official conferral (degree posting) dates for which you may apply to graduate, one following each semester in January, May, August, and December. Commencement ceremony is held once per year in May. August, December, and January graduates will participate in the following May Commencement ceremony

Your actual diploma will be mailed to you to the address in your PeopleSoft Student Center about 6-8 weeks after your conferral date. Your degree becomes official when it is posted to your transcript and not by your participation in commencement exercises.
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 • To qualify as a candidate for a degree of associate of arts, sciences, teaching, applied sciences, or certificate, you must successfully complete a prescribed curriculum as approved by the College.

 • You must satisfy all financial obligations (tuition balances, parking tickets, library fines, etc.) prior to receiving your diploma. LOR recipients do not participate in the ceremony.

 • Students who have been awarded honor stoles, cords or medals may wear them as well. Gold tassels will be distributed at rehearsal or at check-in before the ceremony.

 • Graduates who are members of Phi Theta Kappa should direct questions to the Center for Student Engagement at 301.624.2793.

 • Veterans/Reservist/National Guard and Active Duty Military graduates should contact Rachel Nachlas in the Veteran Services office (A109) to request the Military Cord.

 • Students in the Honors College have earned at least 12 credits in honors courses.

 • Graduation honors listed in the commencement program are tentative and based on GPA as of May 1, 2015; designation of graduation honors will be calculated based on final GPA at time of conferral. Associate degree recipients who have a cumulative GPA of 3.500-3.749 are awarded a degree with Honors. A degree with High Honors is awarded to those students with a cumulative GPA of 3.750+. The certificate will be awarded with distinction to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.750+.

 • If you are a Federal Stafford Student Loan recipient and you are graduating, you must complete the required exit loan counseling at Follow the instructions for exit loan counseling. If you have questions regarding your loan history, contact the Financial Aid Office at 301.846.2480. Please note, your diploma will not be released until this exit counseling has been completed.


August 2015 Graduation
Confer Date: 8/30/2015
Last day to apply: 08/14/2015
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 9/30/15
Diplomas mailed: October 2015

December 2015 Graduation
Confer Date: 12/30/2015
Last day to apply: 12/15/2015
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 1/30/16
Diplomas mailed: February 2016

January 2016 Graduation
Confer Date: 1/30/2016
Last day to apply: 1/15/2016
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 2/30/16
Diplomas mailed: March 2016

May 2016 Graduation
Confer Date: 5/19/2016
Last day to apply: 4/15/2016
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 6/19/16
Diplomas mailed: July 2016


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You do not have to attend the commencement ceremony to receive your diploma Diplomas for May graduates will be mailed to your home address in July. August, January, and December graduates should have received their diplomas.


If you or any of your guests require disability-related accommodations, including a sign language interpreter, please call 240-629-7939 (for interpreting) or 301-846-2408 (for other accommodations). Requests for any accommodation should be made at least five working days prior to attending a scheduled event.

Seating for guests with limited mobility is available at the back of the gym. Seating in this area is by special ticket only. (Special seating tickets must be exchanged for a general-seating guest ticket). All guest tickets can be picked up in the Bookstore beginning May 1. We regret that we cannot seat entire parties in the Special Seating area. Please consult the ushers for assistance in finding the special seating area prior to the ceremony. Click here for a diagram of guest seating.


A professional photographer (Charles Studio) will take a photo as you receive your diploma on stage and after you step off stage. They will send proofs by mail and by e-mail to your myfcc e-mail address within a few days of the ceremony. For more information visit You are under no obligation to purchase photos.


If children become restless, guests and children can watch the ceremony via video screen in the Field House/Athletics Center (Building D), Room 126.

The ceremony will be streamed live to the Visual & Performing Arts Center (Building F) and on the FCC website, Seating in the Visual & Performing Arts Center is the most comfortable for older guests or those with special accommodation needs. Guests do not need a ticket to watch the ceremony from the Visual & Performing Arts Center.

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