Higher One Refund Information

Frederick Community College has partnered with Higher One®, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to provide you with an electronic way to receive your FCC refunds faster. This is the way you will receive academic refunds.



Please do not throw away this important envelope because it is your ticket to a faster refund. Even if you are not currently expecting a refund from FCC, we may have a refund for you in the future if you drop a class or receive Financial Aid at a later date.

The Higher One Refund Selection Kit provides options for refund delivery. Simply select the refund preference that is best for you. Your refund options include:
  • ACH Transfer to another bank account (refunds available in 2-3 business days).
  • Easy Refund to the Higher One debit card (refunds available the same day FCC releases the funds to Higher One). 

Please activate your refund preference as soon as you receive the Refund Selection Kit.  If you are not sure that FCC has your current mailing address, please take a moment to visit the registration office on campus to review your information. Your Refund Selection Kit will be mailed to your current address on file with FCC; therefore, it is critical that you verify your mailing address as soon as possible. Address changes must be made at the Registration and Records Center.

Visit myFCCeFunds.com to learn more about all the great benefits that accompany your new myFCC eFunds card. 

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