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Full-time Faculty Members

Teresa Calzonetti Assistant Professor 301.846.2557
Natasha Cleveland Associate Professor 301.846.2563
Rita Egekenze Full Time Faculty Intern 240.629.7949
Debra Ellis Associate Professor 301.846.2555
Bob Ford, Ph.D. Professor, Chair 301.846.2628
Marc Frankenberry Assistant Professor 301.846.2606
Gengshi Lu Associate Professor 301.846.2573
Wen Nelils Assistant Professor 240.629.7956
Jessica Newnam-Baicy Assistant Professor 301.846.2581
Keri-Beth Pettengill Associate Professor 301.846.2564
Joseph Rosebrock Associate Professor 301.846.2537
Patricia Sheppard Assistant Professor 301.846.2577
Perry Wood Assistant Professor 301.846.2554

Contact Information

Sharon Smith
Academic Office Manager
Office: C-118
Marc Frankenberry
Department Chair
Office: C-122
200 Monroe
Student Right to Know
Dual Enrollment
Career Coach
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