Catalog year 2016/2017

A.A. Degree, Transfer
An option of Arts & Sciences

Enables the student to explore and develop areas of concentration which may lead to an associate in arts degree, transfer to a four-year college program or to pursue individual artistic directions.


Art Curriculum Pathway by Catalog Year




Wendell Poindexter
Program Manager

Karen Santelli
Academic Office Manager

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  • Students must complete their credit English and Mathematics within the first 24 credits.
  • One general education course must meet the cultural competence graduation requirement. 
  • CORE: The General Education CORE is that foundation of the higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students. Students should check with an advisor or the transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting General Education CORE requirements.
Course Credits


EN 101–English Composition 3


Mathematics Elective (GenEd course list) 3/4

Social & Behavioral Sciences 

Two courses selected from different disciplines (GenEd course list) 6

Arts & Humanities

AR 101–Two Dimensional Art and Design 3
​Communications Elective (GenEd course list) 3
Humanities Elective (GenEd course list) 3

Biological & Physical Sciences

Two courses, one of which must be a lab science  (GenEd course list) 7/8
General Education Elective (Select from GenEd course list) 3

PE/Health Requirement


Area of Concentration

AR 102–Three Dimensional Art and Design 3
AR 104–Survey of Art I (satisfies the cultural competence requirement) 3
AR 105–Survey of Art II 3
AR 106–Drawing I 3
CMM 131–Dark Room Photography I 4


Students should check with an advisor or transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting electives. Depending on the transfer institution and area of concentration recommended electives:

AR103 Survey of Non-Western Art
AR107 Drawing II
AR108 Painting I
AR113 Pottery I
AR114 Pottery II
AR115 Introduction to Color Theory and Design
AR203 Sculpture
AR204 Illustration I
AR207 Introduction to Watercolor I
AR213 Intermediate Sculpture

Total 60
Students will be able to:
  1. To recognize the elements of design and technique of a work of art.
  2. To analyze and critique works of art within their cultural and historical context.
  3. To produce works of art in a variety of media.
  4. To demonstrate and appreciate the creative process through research, development and execution.
The Career & Transfer Center has a variety of print and electronic resources available to help with transfer planning. ARTSYS, a computerized articulation system created especially to help community college students transfer to Maryland four-year institutions is available, as well as College Source and College Board. College Source also allows students to view college catalogs from across the nation.