Questions FCC Students Often Ask

Q: Is there financial assistance to help pay for child care? 
A: Students may apply for a child care grant each semester. Applications are available through the office of adult services or the financial aid office prior to the fall and spring semesters. The amount of assistance varies from semester to semester depending on the amount of money available and the number of student families applying.  
Q: Does my child have to stay all day? 
A: Different part-time options are available based on the classroom. Please look to see what options are available for your child. 
Q: Are the child care providers real teachers? 
A: Teachers have all taken classes in early childhood education. Most of the teachers have a minimum of an AA degree - many have a bachelors's degree in early childhood education or a related field. 
Q: What if I only need child care for an hour or so? 
A: Unfortunately, the Children's Center is not licensed for and does not have space to provide drop-in or hourly care. We hope to add this service when we can expand the space we have available to use for child care. 
Q: Is there a waiting list? 
A: FCC students are always given priority when space is available in a classroom. Application forms are retained by the center director and are reviewed often to see if students with applications on file may be served. It is best to frequently check with the director to see if space is available or to let the director know your needs have changed. 
Q: Do the teachers teach the children or do they just play? 
A: Play is a child's work. Play is how children learn. The teachers plan activities based on themes and create many opportunities for children to learn through play. Themes and activities are chosen based on the ages of the children, interests of the children, and challenges which can help the children learn new concepts and master new skills. 
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