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On-Campus Recruitment

One of our most popular services for employers is our free On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) program.

Employers can visit the FCC campus to meet directly with students in the Recruiter's Corner between the B and C classroom buildings  located in the Student/Classroom Center (“H” Building Lobby).  The CCollegeCentral.comareer Center will reserve a date just for your company providing you with a mini job fair all your own. We will advertise your visit through on-campus emails and flyers as well as our Online Career Center Calendar??.

Our OCR program is available on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the fall and spring semesters. Specialized recruitment events are available for our RN and LPN programs. We will be happy to set up other special recruitment events as requested.

Employers can also arrange to interview students on campus when contacting candidates referred through the Online Career Center. This is a free service arranged on a space available basis.

All of our OCR services can be arranged by contacting the Career Center by email or by phone at 301.846.2594.


There are many partnership opportunities, outside of the traditional recruitment relationship, which colleges and businesses can create. Building a pipeline of talented, skilled employees to make our business community strong and competitive takes the time and energy of many, including the business community itself. Successful business-education partnerships allow us to bring to the process what we each do best. Some ideas include:

 • Classroom presentations by successful career professionals, giving students the "real" scoop on what it's like to work in their profession. Connecting school to work makes better students and helps them become better employees.

 • Mock interviews to help prepare Career Program graduates for their job search. Help students learn what employers expect from college graduates and help them learn to articulate what they have to offer.

 • Co-operative learning experiences such as one-day job shadowing or structured internships (unpaid or paid) to help mentor the next generation of your profession. Evidence shows that those who are the most committed and successful in their chosen professions had caring adults in their life who helped shape their understanding of the world and what their place is in it.

 • If you want to create a business-education partnership with FCC, please contact the Career Center by email or by phone at 301.846.2594. Together, we can make your good ideas become action plans for the future!

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