Multicultural Student Services

FCC’s Multicultural Student Services program provides comprehensive student support that consists of academic planning, counseling, mentoring, leadership development and dynamic cross-cultural experiences to ensure the successful transition to college and completion of a college degree or certificate.

Currently Seeking

The Multicultural Student Services Program is actively seeking students who would like to receive additional academic and personal support to assist in achieving their academic goals.  If you are a student experiencing academic challenges, having difficulty adjusting to the college environment or just need a little extra support to keep you focused and on track, this program is for you.  Our experienced mentors and our wide variety of workshops and activities provide something beneficial for all of our students. 

Program Goals

 1. Assist every student with academic planning and guidance to successfully complete college courses and complete students’ academic goals.
 2. Develop leadership skills through participation in leadership activities and programs.
 3. Involve students in dynamic cross-cultural experiences to increase cultural competence and cultural appreciation.

Program Activities and Supports

 • Peer Mentoring
 • Cultural Field Trips
 • Group Social Activities
 • Cultural Awareness Seminars
 • Academic and Personal Development Workshops
 • Leadership Development Activities
 • Inspirational Reading Initiatives
 • Critical Thinking Exercises and Discussions
 • Mentor/Mentee Relations
 • Awards and Special Recognitions
 • Specialized Career Counseling
 • Tailored Academic Advising
 • Tutoring Support
 • Academic Early Alert Program

Scholarship Information

In order to be eligible for the scholarship you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

Complete or have completed a current school year FAFSA Financial Aid Form,
Speak English as a second language, AND
Major in a career program at FCC

If you think you meet the above criteria, please complete the ESL Financial Assistance Application and return it to the MSS office, located in the Student Center, room H103, by Friday, August 19, or via mail to:

Multicultural Student Services Program
7932 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, MD 21702

Students who demonstrate the most financial need will be selected for award and will be notified during the first week of school.  If you receive the award it will be applied to your semester bill.  Questions? Call Persis Bates at 301.624.2707.

Special Programs

Big 6 Program

“Building Leaders, Leaving a Legacy”
The Big 6 Program represents six core values or principles that are vital to the long term development and success of men of color: Academic Excellence, Endurance, Hope, Self Awareness, Leadership, and Civic Responsibility. One or more of these six values will be infused into all the workshops and activities of the program.

The Big 6 Program is designed to provide males of color, especially African American males, with the necessary support, academic development, and life training to improve academic achievement at FCC and in the Frederick community.  This all-male program encompasses a wide array of researched educational strategies proven to assist African American males and recommendations set forth by the Task Force on the Education of Maryland’s African-American Males. 

Workshops and activities are conducted on a weekly basis and take place during the school day and/or weekends.  Workshops and activities are designed to educate, motivate, challenge, and support males in reaching their fullest life potential and to achieve academic excellence in the classroom.  The program uses Afro-cultural teaching pedagogy to effectively engage the African American male learner and provide cultural competence training to teachers at FCC.  In addition, the program provides participants with a mentor, community service opportunities, an Afrocentric centered curriculum and literature to increase cultural consciousness that are relevant to their real world experience.  

Workshops and activities are facilitated and taught by FCC staff, faculty and community leaders.

Program Topics:

Academic Acceleration: Get the keys to academic success
Effective Leadership: Leave a legacy at your school and community
Succeeding through Reading: Learn how reading can inspire you
Critical Thinking: How to become a critical thinker
Dropping Knowledge: Find out about the issues affecting males of color
OUR story: Learn about African American history

Program Objectives

 • Encourage students to set high educational goals
 • Teach and develop critical thinking skills
 • Promote reading and academic study
 • Provide positive peer interaction and support
 • Teach effective strategies to address social and life challenges
 • Build academic self confidence and encourage positive views of personal skills
 • Increase retention and academic success of male students
 • Assist students with college preparation and enrollment
 • Help male students become positive and productive members of the community


 • Group competitions
 • Cultural fieldtrips and team building activities
 • Video game tournaments
 • Community building projects
 • Study skills workshops
 • Knowledge sessions – learning history and literature
 • College preparation and financial aid workshops
 • Leadership training
 • Social development activities
 • Group retreats and more!

Elite 8 Program

The Elite 8 program provides female students the support essential to their academic endeavors.  Ladies find encouragement and assistance as they participate in weekly discussions and activities.  Through the program, the female students emphasize the eight principles of the program’s foundation.  These principles include: academic excellence, sisterhood, healthy relationships, leadership, community service, perseverance, confidence and positive self-image.


Director, Multicultural Student Services  
Student Center
Office: H103A

Persis Bates
Multicultural Assistant Director
Student Center
Office: H103B
Online Classes Summer 2017
Dual Enrollment
Career Coach
ROAR New Student Orientation
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