Student Technology Services

Student Technology Services assists students with their technological needs. We provide orientations and one-on-one sessions designed to guide students through basic logins, including StudentsmyFCC Email, Data Storage, Blackboard, PeopleSoft, FCC Alert, wireless printing, and general wireless access. We also reset passwords and familiarize students with Microsoft Office and other school supported applications.

Hours of Operation and Support  

Fall Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm


You may also call (301) 846.2509 or send an online request here.


Sept 1- Labor Day – College Closed
Nov 27-30 Thanksgiving Break – College closed

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Self Help
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Quick Links
FAQ for myFCC  

Click here for myFCC support myFCC
How to log in to MyFCC
FAQ for Blackboard
Click here for Blackboard support BlackboardHow to log in to Blackboard (Under Construction)
FAQ for PeopleSoft
Click here for Peoplesoft support Peoplesoft
How to log in to PeopleSoft
FAQ for FCC Alert Contact Student Technology Services myFCC Alert
View FCC Alert Basics
Phone Support
The Student Technology Services can be reached by phone at:301.846.2509.
Walk-in support
The Student Technology Services is located in H 214.
Open Computer Labs 

The Macintosh Computer Lab, located in room F-107, is open to students enrolled in Computer Graphics and Digital Photography classes. The lab offers color printing and scanning. A fee must be paid to The Bookstore for use of the color printer. Software will soon include Adobe's Creative Cloud software and various other freeware tools related to creative fields.
The PC computer lab is located in the Student Center in room H217. It is open for academic use to students currently enrolled in classes with a computer requirement. Hours are posted on the door.

Call 301.846.2509 for lab hours.


Wireless access to internet service is available in most areas around campus. Access to printing from your wireless computer is available in H217, the Library, and the Career & Transfer Center. Other printing sites will be made available during the year.

The Library, located on the North side of the second floor of the Library building, has 36 PCs for student use. They are equipped with Internet access and the Microsoft Office Suite. They are for general use, but preference is given to students working on course-related tasks. Free printing is provided for course-related documents under 20 pages long.

Mac Lab

Users of the Computer Graphics Labs must be currently enrolled in the program. Any use of the labs that is not by currently enrolled students or active instructors must be approved by the Mac Lab Supervisor and the Computer Graphics Program Manager.
The open lab hours are scheduled only for H217and F107 is only used to conduct classwork. Your continued use of the labs is at the discretion of the Mac Lab Supervisor and the Computer Graphics Program Manager. If you have any questions regarding the Computer Graphics or Photography areas, please feel free to contact us using the information below:
Michael Schlosser
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Desktop Technician
Mac Lab Supervisor
Frederick Community College
Lisa Sheirer
Computer Graphics Program Manager
Photography Program Manager
Frederick Community College

Computer Basic Training
Window 8 Training

window 8  Windows: A tutorial on Windows 8, including file management.

Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Learn to navigate your way around the latest Microsoft Office 365. Click on any of the links below and take and introductory course on Outlook 2013, Word 2013, Excel 2013, or Power Point 2013.

Outlook Outlook 2013 : Tutorials with videos, covering Outlook operations and tasks.

Word Basic Word 2013 : A short tutorial covering basic Word operations and tasks.

Excel Basic Excel 2013: Tutorials with videos, covering basic Excel operations and tasks.

PowerPoint Basic Power Point 2013: : A  tutorial covering PowerPoint operations and tasks.

Click here for more Microsoft Office 365 free training.

Computer Basics

Introduction to Personal Computers: A short tutorial on basic personal computer operations and tasks.
Introduction to Email: A short tutorial, with videos, on the uses and features of email systems.

Internet Basics
Introduction to the Internet: A short tutorial on the Internet and its principal uses.
Introduction to Internet Browsers: Explorer: A short tutorial on software for using the Internet.
Introduction to Search Engines: A short tutorial on the uses and features of search engines