Student Demographics


  • The credit enrollment for fall 2019 was 6,129 students. On average, students took eight (8) credits.
  • The return rate of students who were enrolled in spring 2018 and returned in fall 2019 is 47.3%.
  • Full-time students comprise 30.1% of the FCC student body, while 69.9% attend part time.
  • Female students make up 56.8% of the fall 2019 student body.
  • High School Based Dual Enrollment (that is, students concurrently enrolled in high school and at FCC) increased by 29.5% to 1,197 students, up from 924 students in fall 2018. 
  • Overall, 6.5% of the student body (398 students) transferred to FCC in fall 2019.This represents a 7.9% increase from the 369 transfer students in fall 2018.
  • Students of color represent 37.4% of the student body. The largest share of students of color are Hispanic students (13.1%) followed by African American/Black students (13%) and then students identifying as “Multiple Race” (5.4%). Asian students comprise 4.6% of the student body. White students comprise 62.6% of the student body.
  • Traditional age students (18-21) comprise 42.3% of fall 2019 enrollment and the average FFC student is 24 years old. There was a 17.6% increase in the FCC student body aged 17 and under, coinciding with the increase in High School Based Dual Enrollment.
  • There were 1,543 self-identified first generation college students at FCC in fall 2019.
  • 13.6% of the student body took only online courses in fall 2019. 24.2% of the student body took some courses online, and 62.1% took no courses online in fall 2019. 

For more information about FCC student demographics, please visit the Fall 2018 FCC Student Profile.

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