Student Demographics


  • The credit enrollment for fall 2018 was 6,000 students. On average, students took eight (8) credits.
  • The return rate of students who were enrolled in spring 2017 and returned in fall 2018 is 51.3%.
  • Full-time students comprise 30.5% of the FCC student body, while 69.5% attend part time.
  • Female students make up 57% of the fall 2018 student body.
  • High School Based Dual Enrollment (that is, students concurrently enrolled in high school and at FCC) increased by 20.9% to 924 students, up from 764 students in fall 2017. 
  • Overall, 6.2% of the student body (369 students) transferred to FCC in fall 2018 (44 students transferred from 2-year colleges, and 328 transferred from 4-year colleges). This represents a 103% increase from the 182 transfer students in fall 2017.
  • Students of color represent 35.6% of the student body. The largest share of students of color are Hispanic students (12.4%) followed by African American/Black students (12.3%) and then students identifying as “Multiple Race” (4.9%). White students comprise 64.5% of the student body.
  • Traditional age students (18-21) comprise 42.1% of fall 2018 enrollment and the average FFC student is 24 years old. There was a 10.7% increase in the FCC student body aged 17 and under, coinciding with the increase in High School Based Dual Enrollment.
  • There were 1,518 self-identified first generation college students at FCC in fall 2018.
  • 14.3% of the student body took only online courses in fall 2018. This metric has increased steadily each fall semester since 2014.

For more information about FCC student demographics, please visit the Fall 2018 FCC Student Profile.

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