Textbook Affordability

FCC BookstoreIt’s important to factor in the cost of textbooks when registering for classes and budgeting your expenses for the semester. The cost and number of textbooks required varies from course to course.

A few options are available when considering buying books.

Buying new. New books are full price but are in perfect condition. Buying new gives you the chance to take your own notes and make your own marks in a book.

Buying used. Used books are less expensive and are still in good condition. They may have notes or highlighting from a previous owner, but are a more affordable option over new books.

Renting. Books can often be rented for nearly half the cost of purchasing them. Some of the books for your classes may be available to rent from the FCC Bookstore. Books can be rented by coming to the Bookstore with your student ID. Although the rental can be paid for by cash, check, credit card or financial aid, it must be secured with a credit card. You must be 18 or older to rent books; if you are younger than 18 you must have a parent sign for the rental.

Please note: You can not use financial aid to order books from the FCC Bookstore’s website. To use your financial aid to buy or rent books, you must come to the Bookstore with your student ID.

Through FCC’s Bookstore website, you can figure out the estimated cost of your textbooks. Click here  to find out what books are needed for your classes and how much they cost.

Get money back. Don’t forget about book buyback at the end of the semester. Selling your books back to the FCC bookstore enables you to recoup a portion of your money. Not all books can be bought back, and there are factors that determine how much a book can be bought back for. 

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