FCC Business Plan Submission Page

Instructions for Submitting Your Business Plan 
  1. Provide a cover page with the name of the proposed business and person(s) submitting the business plan.
  2. The plan must follow the Written Business Plan Outline and Headings provided in the instructions (see link below).
  3. All materials must be prepared in at least 11 point font.
  4. PowerPoint presentations are not permitted. However, other visuals, such as posters or product samples, etc. may be utilized in the final presentation.
  5. All materials must be checked for spelling and grammatical errors.
  6. The Business Plan and Attachments must be scanned and submitted as one PDF file. The file name must include the name of the student and FCC business plan contest – example - john davis business plan contest. The PDF file must also be emailed to ldevan@frederick.edu. Contact same email if you need assistance with scanning the document.
  7. The plan must be submitted on or before April 17, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. Early submission is encouraged.

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