Chaz Aguado

Chaz Aguado is an Adjunct Professor of Music. Mr. Aguado has been with the College since 2019 and is an active musician and teacher in the greater Washington DC/Baltimore area.  He is a doctoral candidate at Shenandoah Conservatory.  He holds a master’s degree from University of Denver and a bachelor’s degree from Towson University. 

He has been teaching guitar privately for 10 years and is an adjunct guitar instructor at Towson University and Carroll Community College.  He also teaches other genres for guitar such as rock, country, blues, and metal at the Maurice Arenas Guitar Academy.  Some of the notable pedagogues he has studied classical guitar with are Matt Palmer, Troy King, Laura Husbands, Jonathan Leatherwood, Julian Gray, and Ricardo Iznaola.  Mr. Aguado performs regularly at many different venues.  Most often, you can find him performing classical guitar in recital and concert halls.  However, he also enjoys playing private events such as weddings, dinner parties, wineries, and salon style atmospheres.  Not only does he perform as a soloist, but also as a chamber artist that has performed with vocalists, cellists, violinists, and flutists. 

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.