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Pat FranzPat Franz

Since 1989, Pat Franz has taught piano in Frederick Community College’s Music for Enrichment program. A Certified Instructor with the Golandsky Piano Institute Professional Training Program, she began her study of the Taubman/Golandsky Piano Technique, in 1989, with Paul Maillet, a Taubman Institute Faculty/Artist. Since 2003, she has continued work in the technique, with Golandsky Institute Co-Founder, Co-Director and Senior Faculty/Artist Robert Durso.

For ten years, Ms. Franz served, at the Taubman International Piano Symposium, as Practice Assistant, applying the unique Taubman concept of unified finger, hand and arm movement. She currently serves as Practice Assistant for the Golandsky International Piano Symposium held each summer on the Princeton University campus, where she works with injured pianists and aspiring pianists at various levels of advancement.

Awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Kansas State University, she draws on her academic training to translate the Taubman approach with word pictures and engaging activities that children can understand. She is author of “Tension-Free Playing for Young Pianists,” an article appearing in 1998 in Clavier, the nationally distributed monthly professional periodical for piano pedagogy.