FCC’s English courses are designed to build the analytical reading, effective writing, informational literacy, and critical thinking skills that are central to ongoing academic, workplace, and life success. We offer courses at every level of student need and ability- including courses for non-native speakers- to encourage students to develop into lifelong learners.

The English faculty teach courses using a variety of instructional methods designed to enable students to research, analyze, summarize, interpret, synthesize, assess, and communicate responsibly. Our literature courses explore a wide variety of cross-cultural works that encourage students to appreciate literature for its aesthetic value and as a window into the human experience.

We offer journalism and creative writing courses as well as opportunities for students to contribute to our college newspaper, The Commuter, and our literary magazine, the Tuscarora Review.


Full-time Faculty Members

Robin Abell Associate Professor 301.846.2670
Teresa Clark  Associate Professor 301.846.2558
Aaron Clayton, Ph.D.  ENGL101 Coordinator, Professor 240.629.7834
Frederick Cope  Associate Professor 301.846.2584
Andrea Dardello, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor 240.629.7828
Lora Diaz  Assistant Professor 301.846.2551
Joseph Healey Developmental English Program Manager, Professor 301.846.2633
Bryan Hiatt ENGL101 & 102, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Assistant Professor,  301.846.2511
Jocelyn Hirai, Ed.D. Assistant Professor 301.846.2450
Anne Hofmann Department Chair, Professor 240.629.7926
Ramon Jones  Associate Professor 240.629.7837
Magin LaSov Gregg  Associate Professor 301.624.2728
Amy Lee Associate Professor 301.624.2856
Christine Rai  Associate Professor 301.846.2597
Julie Shattuck Ed.D  Professor 301.624.2855
Shemica Sheppard  Associate Professor 240.629.7921
Kelly Trigger, Ph.D Professor 301.846.2518


Contact Information

Valerie Fox
Academic Office Manager
Office: H-243

Anne Hofmann
Department Chair
Office: H-268

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