FCC's Science Department is enthusiastically led by a faculty with broad ranging interests, training, and experiences, complemented by an excellent support staff and adjunct instructors. Our department offers a wide variety of courses in the physical and biological sciences.

We are dedicated to constantly improving student learning. As you learn about yourself, your world, and the universe, our goal is that you will grow in your understanding of the role of science in society.

Programs of Study

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)
Associate of Science (A.S.)
Area of Concentration within the A.S. in STEM
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Full-time Faculty Members

Teresa Calzonetti, Ph.D. Professor, Chair 301.846.2557
Tiziana Cavinato Assistant Professor 240.629.7949
Christine Chin Choy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 240.629.7807
Natasha Cleveland Professor 301.846.2563
Debra Ellis, Ph.D. Professor 301.846.2555
Marc Frankenberry, Ph.D. Professor 301.846.2606
Gengshi Lu, Ph.D. Professor 301.846.2573
Thecla M. Gibson Assistant Professor 301.846.2628
Savita Prabhakar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 301.846.2564
Wen Nellis, Ph.D. Professor 240.629.7956
Jessica Newnam-Baicy, Ph.D. Associate Professor 301.846.2581
Patricia Sheppard Assistant Professor 301.846.2577
Emily Taylor Assistant Professor 301.846.2537
Perry Wood, Ph.D. Professor 301.846.2554

Contact Information

Sharon Smith
Academic Office Manager
Office: C-118
Dr. Teresa Calzonetti
Department Chair
Office: C-117 

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