Physical Therapist Assistant (Coming Soon) Physical Therapist Assistant (Coming Soon)

Physical Therapist Assistant (Coming Soon)

Program Policies and Procedures 


Program Mission Statement

The mission of the PTA program of Frederick Community College is to prepare competent and ethical healthcare providers that meet the needs of the community by caring for a diverse patient population under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.  Utilizing a comprehensive curriculum based on contemporary physical therapy practice, program faculty will design and deliver effective learning experiences to help prepare graduates to be culturally competent PTAs who demonstrate a commitment to professionalism, a strong desire to give back to their community and profession, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Program Values

EXCELLENCE           Providing educational experiences and programming that reflect high academic standards that will result in excellent healthcare for patients
LEARNING  Instilling the commitment to lifelong long learning is necessary in an ever-changing healthcare environment. All health care professionals should continue to strive for new acquisition of knowledge and skills
DIVERSITY   Respecting and Supporting visible and invisible human differences that affect the way people interact in the environment
INNOVATION  Using their critical and problem-solving skills our graduates can be creative in developing their treatment programs to ensure that their patients achieve their personal goals
COMMUNITY   Encouraging the engagement of all healthcare providers through communication and collaboration will result in optimal healthcare.
INTEGRITY        Ensuring fair and ethical healthcare as a right

Program Goals

  • Produce general physical therapist assistants that provide competent skilled therapy services under the direction and supervision of a PT.
  • Prepare graduates to effectively communicate in a culturally competent manner with other healthcare providers as well as patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Provide students with the resources and academic support necessary to support their completion of the program.
  • Providing students a high-quality learning environment and a curriculum based on contemporary physical therapy practice through program faculty modeling educational excellence.
  • Prepare graduates who understand the importance of lifelong learning, professional development, and community/professional service.

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