Template Page Title Template Page Title

Template Page Title

Steps for setting up a new page:

  1. SAVE as new template, under properties tab.
  2. Under the properties tab, choose URLS, as page alias, add new url for page, with no spaces or punctuation.  Delete old page from page page aliases. 
  3. Under the properties tab, choose Metadata. Pick a page title with no punctuation. Spaces are ok. Add the first paragraph of text from the page in the Page description.  Add a few keywords about the page. (Google uses these for indexing)
  4. SAVE
  5. Under the Form tab, add the page title with no punctuation. Spaces are ok. SAVE.
  6. Expand Text Ribbon Folder in menu. Click on Text Ribbon page (Campus). Go to Form tab, give page a new one word name.  Pick Image for Banner.  Desktop needs to be 1360px X 392px. Mobile needs to be 670px X 400px.  Add page title under Heading Text. SAVE. 
  7. Go back to main page Under Design tab, check out page. Double click on the hamburger menu lines for the Text Ribbon. Scroll to WHERE condition, and enter the one word name you gave the banner. Click Apply, then SAVE and close. 
  8. IF you want the page to have a contact section. Enter contact info under the Contact Section folder, using the Form tab.  If you do not want a contact section, on the design tab of the page, double click the hamburger menu on the landing page repeater, expand the visibility and uncheck visible. Click Apply, then Save and Close.
  9. Go to page tab and edit your page. Delete these instructions from your new page. Under styles dropdown, use Heading 4 for headings, Paragraph for paragraph.