FCC Bookstore - How to Order Books


The FCC Bookstore website is open 24 hours a day for your course materials needs for the Fall 2020 semester. On the Bookstore website you can select the course that you are enrolled in, view the materials that are required for your courses and purchase the materials you want. You may also add supplies and other items to your order.  We accept both credit cards and student financial aid as payment options for our website.
Students can find their texts to purchase online by doing the following:
1) Go to http://bookstore.frederick.edu
2) Click on "Textbooks" along the Green bar at the top left side of the home page
3) In the drop down menu click on "Find Textbooks"
4) The term is Fall 20 (Order Now)
5) Click on "Department"
6) In the drop down menu, select your course using the 4 letter abbreviation (for example COMM or MATH)
7) Under Course/Section/Instructor, select the exact course number and section shown on your schedule (for example 202-HYB6-STAFF or 145-SR12)
8) Keep adding your courses one at a time until you see them all listed under the Search by Course.
9) Click on "View Your Materials"
All of the materials ordered by a department will be listed for each course selected.  The student can click on the circle next to each item they wish to add to their cart. 

Students may choose to have purchases shipped directly to them for a fee (this is a covered expense under SFA), or opt for free curbside pickup. Curbside Pickup appointments are currently available Monday-Thursday and are scheduled once we receive and process an order.


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