FCC Cybersecurity Degree Program Wins State Award for Excellence


The Cybersecurity Degree Program at Frederick Community College was named the 2016 Career and Technology Education (CTE) Outstanding Postsecondary CTE Program of Excellence by the Maryland State Department of Education.

The CTE Awards of Excellence is an annual event that recognizes business partnerships, outstanding programs, change agents, distinguished service, and CTE student organizations.

“It’s an honor that the Frederick Community College Cybersecurity Degree Program is being recognized with this distinguished state award,” said Dr. Andy Yao, Cybersecurity Program Manager. “We have seen a great deal of success in just the first year of this program, and we know it will continue to grow and improve as we help students gain the skills and experience necessary to meet the needs of the in-demand cybersecurity market.”

The Cybersecurity Degree Program was launched in the fall of 2015. It covers technologies, techniques, and tools required by the cybersecurity industry to identify and respond to threats in cyber systems. The program prepares students to design, analyze, evaluate, and implement security controls in cyber environments.

Classes for the program are scheduled innovatively by utilizing blended and online course delivery that allows working professionals to complete the degree in the same duration of time as traditional full-time students.

The creation of this degree program also led FCC to launch Cyber Day, an event on campus for local high school students to raise awareness and interest in cyber technologies and cybersecurity. The second Cyber Day was held on April 15, when 142 students from all 10 FCPS high schools participated. Hands-on sessions were held throughout the day, including Code Cracking, Computer Gaming, Computer Guts, Hacking, and Sniffing.

The FCC Cybersecurity Degree Program will be officially recognized for this award during the 2016 Career and Technology Education Awards of Excellence on May 24 in Baltimore.

For more information on the Cybersecurity Degree Program, contact Dr. Andy Yao or visit