FCC Named Recipient of Morgan Stanley Fund to Increase Mental Health Support for Students 


Frederick Community College (FCC) is one of six colleges nationwide chosen as the first recipients of the Morgan Stanley Scholarship Fund, aimed at increasing and improving mental health initiatives and support for students.  

“FCC recognizes the importance of mental health and is committed to supporting the mental health of our students,” said FCC President Elizabeth Burmaster. “We know this may be an especially difficult time for many of our students, and we are grateful to the Morgan Stanley Foundation and the Jed Foundation for this funding that will increase our ability to offer critical mental health support.”   

The Morgan Stanley Scholarship Fund was announced by the Jed Foundation (JED). The fund is intended to enable higher education institutions serving students from low-income and diverse backgrounds to participate in JED Campus. This program helps colleges and universities develop and strengthen their approaches to supporting student mental health and preventing suicide, which is the second leading cause of death for teens and young adults across the nation. 

“This important initiative will have a positive impact on the student experience at FCC by providing the guidance and resources needed to engage in assessment and planning,” said Dr. Nora Clark, vice president for Learning Support at FCC. “This support will ultimately result in increased awareness and expansion of targeted support related to suicide prevention, substance use, and the overall wellbeing of our students.”  

“This is a critical time for young people in our nation as they cope with the current pandemic, ongoing issues around racial equity, and the regular pressures of transitioning into adulthood,” says John MacPhee, executive director and CEO of The Jed Foundation. “We believe that working with high schools, colleges, and universities to invest in real-life systems that strengthen mental health safety nets and foster a community of caring for students is more important than ever.” 

In addition to FCC, the other colleges and universities selected for the first cohort of this fund include: 

  • Holyoke Community College (Massachusetts) 
  • Spartanburg Community College (South Carolina)  
  • St. Thomas University (Florida)  
  • Towson University 
  • University of Missouri 
JED Campus advisors will work closely with these schools through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, programs, and policy assessment with customized support to build upon each institution’s existing structures.  

The scholarship fund was made possible through the Morgan Stanley Foundation. Through a grant of $9.9 million, the Morgan Stanley Alliance for Children’s Mental Health has significantly bolstered JED’s impact on youth mental health in colleges and high schools, and will enable JED to more than double the number of colleges and universities receiving its JED Campus services, reaching 3.5 million additional students. With this support, JED will also be better equipped to foster deeper engagement with schools that are alumni of JED Campus and at colleges and universities across the nation. JED Campus currently works with over 300 colleges and universities, representing 15% of students nationwide.