FCC Offering Music Scholarships for Students of All Ages


Frederick Community College is now accepting applications for the Shields Music Scholarship Awards, which provide funding for music lessons to school-aged children and college students. 

The Shields Music Scholarship Awards provided scholarships to 48 students during the 2018-2019 year. These scholarships enabled students to take lessons in piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, and voice.
Scholarships for the 2019-2020 year are available in the following categories:

  • Experience: Children ages six through 18 who have experience with private music lessons
  • No experience: Children ages six through 14 who have not had experience with private music lessons
  • Developing skills: Children ages six though 15 who have completed one year of musical instruction at FCC (see details below)
  • College students: Students entering FCC who are majoring in music

“Frederick Community College offers a full range of individual music lessons for elementary through high school students, as well as FCC music majors,” said Shields Music Scholarship Coordinator, Jennifer Rundlett. “By working with our specialized teachers, students can vastly improve their playing abilities and build confidence over the course of the year, improving their likelihood of staying with music and growing into talented musicians.”
The awards have been offered annually since 2000 through the George L. Shields Foundation. Lessons are taught by faculty members from the FCC Music Department and are held in the FCC Visual and Performing Arts Center.

All applications can be found at and must be submitted online. For further information, contact Jennifer Rundlett at
Specific scholarship information is below. Applications for the first three categories are due by July 15, 2019. Applications for the college credit category are due by August 23, 2019.

Experience: For children ages six to 18 with prior or current experience studying privately with a music instructor. Scholarships conferred on students who perform exceptionally on a live audition that includes a piece or excerpts of no more than five minutes in length that will best show the students abilities. 
Developing Skills: For children aged six to 15. Scholarships conferred on deserving students who have successfully completed the fall and spring semesters under the no experience category during the 2018-2019 year and who wish to extend their studies on the same instrument for an additional year at FCC. Selections in this category will be based on the student statement, a recommendation of their FCC music teacher, and participation in a FCC solo recital or ensemble performance. No audition is required.

No Experience: For children ages six to 14 who have no prior private musical instruction. Scholarships conferred on deserving students who have never taken private music lessons on any instrument or voice. Selections in this category will be based on the student statement and a public music teacher’s evaluation. No audition is required.

College Credit: Scholarships conferred on first-year FCC students who are declared music majors or open campus/dual enrollment high school students who are enrolled at FCC for a minimum of five credits of music classes for the academic year.  Scholarships are based on a short, live audition, a student statement, an evaluation of high school transcript, and a teacher recommendation.  Auditions will take place during the first week of FCC credit classes.  Auditioning finalists are given written notification of the audition time and place.

Shields Scholarship Winners
Some of the scholarship recipients for the 2018-2019 year.