FCC Professor Will Discuss Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Threats on March 20


James Hatch, an FCC cybersecurity and technology assistant professor, will share tips on protecting yourself against cybersecurity threats during the next Moving Mountains Speaker Series talk on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 7 to 8 p.m.
The Moving Mountains Speaker Series is geared toward teens and young adults and is free and open to the public.
During his interactive talk, Hatch will show audience members firsthand how cyberattacks occur and how easy it is for people to fall victim to them.
Hatch says there are simple ways to protect yourself against cyber threats, such as knowing the source of any Wi-Fi networks you connect to and being aware of what personal information is necessary to provide online and what isn’t. It’s a topic he presents on often, and he is always glad to see the real-life lessons that people take away from his talks.
“This is about raising awareness of cybersecurity for people of any age, and moving away from the idea that cybersecurity is someone else’s problem,” James Hatch said. “Not only is it very possible that we will all one day be a victim of a cyberattack, but it’s possible many of us have already been a victim and don’t even know it.”
In addition to his cybersecurity background, Hatch has been a consultant in strategic management and intellectual property development for nearly 30 years – creating more than 200 products and services. He earned a Master of Business Administration and a master’s degree in information technology from Hood College. He also holds a Master of Science degree in digital forensics and cyber investigations and a bachelor’s degree in strategic management and entrepreneurship from University of Maryland University College (UMUC).
His talk is the fifth of six sessions for the 2018-2019 Moving Mountain Speaker Series. The series features inspiring professionals who share their life experiences and encourage teens and young adults to set the bar high in all areas of their lives. Charlie Smith, State’s Attorney for Frederick County, will be the last speaker of the academic year on April 10.
Talks are held in the JBK Theater, located inside the FCC Visual & Performing Arts Center. No registration is required to attend. Teens and young adults who attend and sign in for three of the six sessions in an academic year are eligible to receive a certificate of leadership and participation.
For more information, click here. If you have questions about the Moving Mountains Speaker Series, contact Mike Pritchard at or 301.846.2417.
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