FCC Team Recognized at 72 Film Fest


A team comprised of a Frederick Community College professor and two staff members was recently nominated for numerous awards during the 72 Film Fest.

The film fest is a popular annual competition in Frederick that challenges teams to produce a short film based around a specific theme in just 72 hours.

Professor Jason Santelli and staff members Charles Pham and Karen Santelli produced Jessa & Chloe, a drama about the relationship of two life-long friends and how it is tested after one is diagnosed with a terminal illness. The film was nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Acting, and in the Best Professional category.

The team spent the 72-hour period writing the script, rehearsing lines with the cast and crew, making a rough cut production, and finally completing the final post production process of tightening up audio cues, color correcting the picture, and composing and adding music to the film.

“We love competing in the 72 Film Fest because it gives us a chance to push our limits when it comes to creativity and drive and determination,” Charles Pham said. “Making a movie in three days is not an easy feat. It just isn’t the undertaking of one individual, but the culmination of everyone’s hard work. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and we always hope that our hard works shows in the final product.”

Charles, Jason, and Karen have been involved with 72 Film Fest since its inception in 2003. Last year, their film “Redemption” won for Best Music/Sound and Best Cinematography.

Each year, they also recruit a group of current and/or former students to be a part of their filmmaking crew. These students get to see first-hand what it’s like to be on a professional movie set and use the skills they learn in FCC Digital Media Design classes. This year, former students Brooks Barry, Jim Rosenkranz, and Erika J. Sovey were involved with the film. Two students who helped Charles, Jason, and Karen on their set last year went on to create their own team this year and won the Best Student Award.

To see their film Jessa & Chloe, click here.