Fire Service Administration - Discontinued
Fire Fire Fire Service Administration - Discontinued
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Contact: Didi Culp, Interim Program Manager
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Fire Service Administration A.A.S. Degree
The Fire Service Administration A.A.S. degree program provides the degree credential necessary for rank promotion and career advancement.

This program is open to any career or volunteer fire fighter and integrates general education coursework with the major components of the Division of Fire Rescue Services (DFRS) Fire/Rescue training curriculum.

Students will complete a total of 60 credits, including 21 general education credits, 24 credits in supporting professional studies courses, and 15 credits through Fire/Rescue Department Career Recruit School courses. Certain courses are restricted to employees or volunteers of the Fire/EMS Department or an emergency services agency.

Other Requirements* Credits
FS 145-EMTB - Emergency Medical Technician 6
FS 112-EVO -  Emergency Vehicle Operator 2
FS 101-FFI - Firefighter I 3
FS 102-FFII - Firefighter II 2
FS 108-HMO - Hazardous Material Operations 1
FS 117-ICS - Incident Command System 1
FEMA 150
- Incident Command System (ICS)

*Articulated from coursework/training through either the DFRS Recruit Fire Academy Program, the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI), the National Fire Academy (NFA), or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

This program is designed to enhance and advance qualifications for current career and volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel/volunteers wishing to complete a degree in Fire Service Administration. Earning an associate degree assists in advancing your career in fire services.

Tuition Reimbursement Options for this Program:

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

  • MACEM&PS recognize that college-level learning does occur outside of the traditional environment.  Ask the MACEM&PS Program Managers about the extensive opportunities to evaluate your experienced-based learning and how to demonstrate this learning for academic credit.​ Learn more.

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