Fall 2018

Aug 23 Fall Convocation
Aug 27 First day of fall classes
September 1 No classes - College open
Sept 3 Labor Day - College Holiday
November 6 Election Day, no credit classes - College open
November 21 No Classes - College open
November 22-23 Thanksgiving College Holiday
December 15 Last day of fall classes
December 17 Winter Holiday Luncheon
December 18 Fall grades due at 10 a.m.
December 21 - January 1 Winter Break,
January 2 - College open  

J-Term/Spring 2018

January 3 J-Term classes begin
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. College Holiday
January 18 Last day of JTerm session
January 25 Celebration of Excellence & Spring Retreat
January 29 15-week, 1st 8-week, 1st 7-week, 1st 5-week and 1st 10-week classes begin
February 3 14-week Saturday, 1st 7-week Saturday classes begin
February 12 13-week classes begin
March 2 Last day of 1st 5-week session
March 5 2nd 5-week and 2nd 10-week classes begin
March 16 Last day of 1st 7-week session
March 17 Last day 1st 7-week Saturday session
March 19 2nd 8-week classes begin
March 23 Last day of 1st 8-week session
March 24 2nd 7-week Saturday classes begin
March 26-27 No Classes, College open
March 28-31 Spring Break, Offices within Enrollment Services not available
April 2 2nd 7-week classes begin
April 13 Last day of 1st 10-week session, 2nd 5-week session
April 16 3rd 5-week classes begin 
May 12 Last day of session for: 14-week Saturday, 2nd 7-week Saturday
May 17 Last day of 13-week session
May 18 Last day of session for: 15-week, 2nd 7-week, 2nd 8-week, 2nd 10-week, 3rd 5-week
May 24, 6:00 p.m. Commencement