Advisor Contact List

Your advisor is determined by your participation in a specialized program or by your major and can be found in the list below.    


Program Contact Phone Location Email

Arts & Humanities
Arts & Humanities Kathy Brooks 301-846-2635 F-134
ASL Placement David Martin 240-575-2299 L-101C
ASL Interpreter Leslie Puzio 301-624-2783 B-227
Art Wendell Poindexter 301-846-2513 F-123
Audio Production Paula Chipman 301-846-2566 F-136
Communications Kathy Brooks 301-846-2635 F-134
Developmental English Joseph Healey 301-846-2633 H-226
English Ann Hoffman 240-629-7926 H-268
ESL/ESOL Kathy  Green 240-629-7925 A106C
Film & Video Production Jason Santelli 301-846-2533 L-102-E
Graphic Design Jason Santelli 301-846-2533 L-102-E
Mass Communications Kathy Brooks 301-846-2635 F-134
Music Paula Chipman 301-846-2566 F-136
Theater Tad  Janes 301-846-2515 F-123
World Languages Anna Pinzon 301-624-2843 F124

Accounting Michael Martin 301-846-2543 C-204F
Business Administration Karen Wilson 301-624-2848 C-219
Business Management Karen Wilson 301-624-2848 C-219
Paralegal Tracy Parker 301-624-2819 H-229

Early Childhood Dev/ Childcare Delaine Welch 301-846-2559 H-232
Early Childhood
Education/Special Ed
Delaine Welch 301-846-2559 H-232
Elementary Education/
Special Education
Heather Hinkle 301-846-2461 H-229
Education (Social Science,
English, Math, Spanish)
Heather Hinkle 301-846-2461 H-229

General Studies
General Studies Molly Carlson 301-846-2471 J-201

Health & Exercise Sciences Jan Sholes 301-846-2503 L-101G
Fitness/Personal Trainer (cert) Jan Sholes 301-846-2503 L-101G
Medical Assistant Michele Tertel 301-624-2845 L-101D
Nursing RN & LPN Sandy Moorman 301-624-2830 L-114D  
Physical Therapy Assistant (clinical phase) Amelia Iams 301-846-2644 L101C
Pre-Health Professions Jennifer McAninley 240-629-7935 J-218
Respiratory Care Rhonda Patterson 301-846-2528 L-101H
Surgical Technology Nancy Dankanich 301-846-2506 L101-F

Honors College
Honors College Bruce Thompson 301-846-2535 H-244

Hospitality, Culinary, & Tourism
Culinary Arts & Supervision Elizabeth DeRose 301-846-2404 Monroe
Hospitality Management Elizabeth DeRose 301-846-2404 Monroe

Information Technology
Computer Aided Design Chuck LoSchiavo 240-629-7902 Monroe
Computer Science James Hatch 301-624-2769 C207-C
Cybersecurity James Hatch 301-624-2769 C-207-C
Game & Simulation
James Hatch 301-624-2769 C207-C
Information Systems Mgmt.  James Hatch 301-624-2769 C207-C
Information Technology
(all options)
James Hatch 301-624-2769 C207-C

Public Safety
Criminal Justice Robin Shusko 301-846-2673 H-220
Emergency Mgmt. (FEMA) Didi Culp 240-629-7952 L-106B
Emergency Services
(Fire Science)
Matthew Moxley 301-846-2687 L-106
Police Science Robin Shusko 301-846-2673 H-220

Skilled Trades
Building Trades Chuck LoSchiavo 240-629-7902 Monroe
Construction Management Chuck LoSchiavo 240-629-7902 Monroe

Social Sciences
Addictions Counseling Kristen Wells 301-846-2696 H-229
History Corwin Parker 301-624-2837 H-230
Human Services Bruce Thompson 301-846-2535 H-244
Psychology Lisa DiDonato 301-846-2465 H-261
Social Science Corwin Parker 301-624-2837 H-230
Sociology Debra Morlier 301-846-2534 H-254

Biology Teresa Calzonetti 301-846-2557 C-108
Biotechnology Savita Prabhakar 301-846-2564 C-200
Chemistry Teresa Calzonetti 301-846-2557 C-108
Engineering Perry Wood 301-846-2554 B-116
Developmental Math Darrin Berkley 240-629-7838 B-232
Mathematics Kylena Cross 301-629-7825 B-230
Stem (Sciences)  Teresa Calzonetti 301-846-2557 C-108
Stem (Technology) James Hatch 301-624-2769 C207-C

Student Support & Services
Adult Education Stephen Ferguson 240-629-7962 A-106
Adult Services Janice Brown 301-846-2483 A-103
Bookstore Office 301.846.2463 Student Center
Career Services Office 301-624-2795 J-200
Center for Student Engagement Office 301.624.2793 H-101
Counseling & Advising Office 301-846-2471 J-200
Dean of Students Jerry Haynes 301-846-2469 J-308
Dining Services Peter Lee 301-624-2738 Student Center
Diversity & Inclusion Beth Douthort-Cohen 301-624-2711 A-107
Dual Enrollment Office 301-624-2893 L-103
ESOL Kathy  Green 240-629-7952 A-106C
Internship Office Carla Milan 301-624-2724 E-110
Learning Commons/Library Office 301.846.2444 L-2nd Floor
Multicultural Student Services Office 301-624-2894 H-103
Services for Students with Disabilities Office 301-846-2408 A-105
Testing Center Office 301.846.2522 L-104
Tutoring Services Office 301.846.2619 L-226
Transfer Services Marsha Mason-Sowell 301-846-2471 J-200
Veterans & Military Services Office 301-624-2836 A-109A