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We strive to empower all students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals by providing tools and resources to encourage self-directing learning. The office offers innovative, student-centered programs and services to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of the community.

Counselors and advisors help students:
  • Schedule classes
  • Help students choose a major or career path
  • Transfer to a four-year college
  • Connect to college resources and services
  • Identify, foresee, and resolve challenges



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All new students who are recent high school graduates are introduced to Counseling & Advising services during ROAR (Required Orientation, Advising & Registration).


Student Account Access, Register for Classes, View Degree Plan, Grades, Transcripts, Billing

Preparing for an Academic Advising Appointment


Meet with an Advisor Every Semester
  • Summer & Fall Semesters - See an advisor prior to April registration.
  • Winter & Spring Semesters - See an advisor prior to November registration.
Steps to Take Before Your Appointment
  1. Review Your Degree Plan
    • Login to your Student Account Portal
    • Navigate to Academic Records
    • Your Degree Plan will load under My Academic Requirements
    • Click View Report as PDF to print
  2. Identify Concerns
    • Degree requirements
    • Class meeting times and formats
    • Transferability to four-year schools
    • Drop/Add dates
    • GPA Calculations
    • Changing majors
  3. Review College Support Services and Resources
    • Tutoring
    • Career / Transfer Services
    • Student Clubs & Organizations
    • Program Specific Advisors
  4. Bring Questions to Your Appointment
  5. Prepare a list of questions and concerns to make the most out of your advising session


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