ParaPro FAQ

Information in this FAQ is geared toward candidates who are interested in taking the ParaPro Assessment at Frederick Community College. Testing Center pre-registration information is listed on the ParaPro Flyer
1. How much does it cost to take the ParaPro?

The total cost to take the ParaPro at FCC is $95.
The FCC Testing Center must collect a non-refundable proctoring fee of $40 paid in advance of scheduling an appointment. The cost to take the ParaPro is $55 for the assessment itself, payable by credit card at the time of testing. The FCC Testing Center recommends that you bring an additional credit card as a back-up method of payment.

2. How do I pay the proctoring fee in advance?

There are three ways to pay your proctoring fee to the Testing Center:

 • Pay in person:  Come to the Testing Center in Linganore Hall (L-104).  We accept cash, check, and money order and will arrange an appointment with you immediately after collecting the fee.

 • Pay by phone: Have your credit or debit card ready and call the Testing Center at 301.846.2522. Let them know you would like to pay the $40 proctoring fee for the ParaPro Assessment. Once you have paid the fee, you can arrange your appointment with the Testing Center.

 • Pay by mail: Mail a check or money order with your phone number written on it. Make the check or money order payable to FCC and mail it to the address below. Once we receive the payment, we will contact you to arrange an appointment:

           Frederick Community College Testing Center
           7932 Opossumtown Pike
           Frederick, MD 21702

3. When is the ParaPro offered?

The ParaPro assessment is offered by appointment only, Tuesday-Thursday with appointment times between 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

4. When will I be able to see my scores and where?

You can view your scores immediately at the end of your test and can choose to print an unofficial copy of your score report. An official score report will be mailed to you approximately 2-3 weeks after your testing date.

5. How do I send my scores to my school district? Do I need to bring my school district’s recipient code with me?

Your scores will automatically be sent to the Maryland State Department of Education. When the test is launched, you will have the option to send your results to one additional recipient without charge if you wish to do so. Some test takers want to send that additional copy to their school district. You do not need to bring any recipient codes with you. At the end of the test you may choose to print an unofficial copy of your results to give to the Human Resources office of your school district. Some school districts will require an official score report in addition to your unofficial results. Please check with your school district’s staffing coordinator or other HR staff member about their policies and what is required. If your district requires an official report, you can provide a copy of the official report once you receive it in the mail. You can order additional score reports from ETS for $40.

6. What is the score range of the ParaPro Assessment?

Scores range from 420 – 480. These scores are scaled, meaning that the scores reflect how you performed compared to other test-takers across the nation. You do NOT need to get every question correct in order to obtain the highest score of 480.

7. What’s a passing score for ParaPro Assessment?

The passing scores for ParaPro Assessment vary by state (and sometimes by individual school district). For example, Maryland’s passing score is 455 and the District of Columbia’s passing score is 461. See passing scores for all states and school districts.

8. If I take the ParaPro Assessment more than once, can I have only my best scores appear on my score report?

Score reports will automatically list both your score for the current test you have just taken AND the highest score you earned on the test within the past 10 years.  If you are not satisfied with your score, you can retest after 21 days and add your new score to the score report.

9. Can I use a calculator?

You MAY NOT use or bring a calculator for the ParaPro Assessment.

10. Is there a break during the test?

There is no scheduled break during this 2½ hour exam. Once you have completed your registration, click “Begin Assessment.” The timer for the test automatically begins to count down. We recommend that you use the restroom or get a snack/drink BEFORE beginning the exam.

11. How often can I take the exam?

The ParaPro Assessment can be taken once every 21 days, not including the day you took the test. There is no limit on how many times you can take the exam in one year. If you are interested in retesting, you are responsible for paying the proctoring and assessment fee again.

12. Who do I contact for more information?

For general information, please contact the Testing Center by phone, 301.846.2522 or by email.
For specific information about the ParaPro Assessment, call ETS at 609.771.7395 or visit to find their email form.

13. How do I request accommodations for testing?

The FCC Testing Center works directly with ETS to meet the testing needs for test takers with disabilities. ETS is committed to providing services and reasonable accommodations that are appropriate given the purpose of the test. For more information about how to register and registration deadlines, refer to the ParaPro website.



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