Praxis FAQ

Information in this FAQ is geared toward candidates who are interested in taking the Praxis tests at Frederick Community College. 

For specific test-related questions, consider researching the test’s study companions.
The Praxis website has general answers to frequently asked questions.
1. When are the Praxis exams offered at FCC?

Available appointments to take the Praxis exam at the FCC Testing Center can be found online at  You must first create an account, register for a test, choose the test you need to take, and then select “Frederick Community College” as your test center. A calendar will appear on your screen with available appointments. Currently, FCC will offer Praxis testing on Friday mornings but the most up-to-date availability can be found on the Praxis website.
Please note that the FCC Testing Center is a public site for Praxis test takers.  This means that you will be competing for seats against candidates from other schools who wish to take Praxis tests at FCC. Please plan ahead, as spots are limited to 20 seats per appointment and many test dates fill completely.

2. How do I know which test to take?

AAT majors must have a qualifying score on a Maryland State Department of Education approved basic skills test in order to graduate. Visit to access information about the basic skills tests approved by MSDE.

If you choose the Praxis option to meet the basic skills testing requirement, you should sign up for the Core Academic Skills for Educators (Praxis Core) in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  
Praxis tests can be identified by name and code number. When registering for a test, Praxis Core will appear as four options under the test named “Core Academic Skills for Educators”: Combined (5751); Reading (5712); Writing (5722); Math (5732). The Combined test is taken in one sitting in the areas of reading, writing, and math whereas the other tests can be taken separately. 
More information about the Praxis Core
More information about other Praxis tests

3. How much time is needed for the Praxis Core tests?

For the Praxis Core: Combined, you should allow yourself up to 5 hours to complete. Praxis Core Reading, Writing, or Math can be taken individually, and you should allow yourself up to 2 hours for each test.

4. How much does it cost to take the Praxis?

AAT majors: The Praxis Core tests are $90 each, but ETS offers a price break for multiple Core tests completed in the same appointment. The price for three Core tests is $150 (this is also known as “Praxis Core: Combined).
Other Praxis test pricing for subject tests is available during the registration process on the Praxis website.

5. How do I prepare for the Praxis Core tests?

It is important to prepare for the test so that you are familiar with details of each section, including question types, time allotted for testing, format and structure of the test, etc. You are encouraged to read the information on the Praxis website and use the free preparation materials
Other free materials can be found online at various websites, or are available at your local library. You may also purchase books or instant-downloads from the Praxis website and book retailers.

6. When will I be able to see my scores and where?

Before completing your exam, you will be asked to cancel your results, or send them. Do not cancel your results unless you feel you did not perform well and do not want your results posted on your score report. You cannot reinstate your scores if you change your mind and you will forfeit the fees you paid for testing.  If you choose to send your results, unofficial scores are no longer available to you immediately upon test completion. Your score report will be available online in your Praxis account in approximately 10-16 business days. You will receive an email when your score report has been posted. Multiple choice-only test scores will be posted sooner, but composition exams will need more time to post.
Please note that it is very important to remember your username and password for the Praxis website, should you choose to take more Praxis tests in the future. If you forget your username and password, contact ETS – Praxis at 1.800.772.9476 (M-F 8 a.m - 6 p.m.), TTY 1.609.771.7714 (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week), or email using the form in the “Contact Us” page of the Praxis website.

7. How do I send my scores to my school? Do I need to bring recipient codes with me?

When you register for a test, you are permitted to send four (4) free score reports to agencies or institutions of your choice. If you want to send a score report to an institution or agency not selected on test day, you may request additional score reports for a fee.

 • FCC AAT majors who are taking the Praxis Core test to meet the MSDE basic-skills requirement should be sure to include Frederick Community College as a recipient as passing scores are an AAT graduation requirement.

 • Additional score reports cost $40 per report and are nonrefundable.

 • Additional score reports indicate the highest score earned on each test.

 • Score reports are issued within 10 working days of receipt of your request.

 • Scores are valid for 10 years.

8. What’s a passing score for Praxis Core?

The Maryland State Department of Education accepts the following qualifying scores on the Praxis Core tests:

 • Reading        156
 • Writing          162
 • Mathematics 150

9. If I take the Praxis more than once, can I have only my best scores appear on my score report?

Score reports will automatically list both your score for the current test you have just taken AND the highest score you earned on the test within the past 10 years.  If you are not satisfied with your score, you can retest after 21 days (not including your initial test date) and your new score will be added to the score report.

10. Can I use a calculator on the Praxis Core?

You MAY NOT bring a calculator.  A four-function calculator is built-in to the Core Math test and can be seen here if you would like to familiarize yourself with it.  Also, scratch paper and pencils will be provided to you, and noise-cancelling headphones are available upon request.

11. Is there a break during the test?

A scheduled break is included when a candidate is taking multiple Core tests, or other Praxis tests that are longer than 3 hours. No food or drink is allowed in the Testing Center lab, so candidates are encouraged to eat/drink or use the restrooms prior to signing in to the Testing Center.

12. How often can I take the exam?

Praxis exams can be taken once every 21 days (not including your initial test date). There is no limit to how many times you can take this exam in a calendar year. If you have taken the Praxis Core: Combined, only retest in area(s) that did not meet the qualifying scores.

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