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Each year, FCC proctors over 7,000 exams for our highly qualified faculty and staff.  We are committed to providing:
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Professional development for faculty interested in test design, test theory, and other best practices.
  • Accommodations for faculty whenever possible in accordance with National College Testing Association guidelines.
Testing Center Guidelines for Faculty
When you would like to schedule an exam in the Testing Center, the typical procedure is as follows:
1. Fill out a FCC Testing Center Exam FormThis can be done in person at the Testing Center or by email.  A copy of the form can be found here.  You can also obtain these forms in the mailroom and from academic office managers.  If submitting your form and exam by e-mail, you should e-mail to the address listed on the bottom of the Testing Center Exam Form. SPECIAL NOTE: The Testing Center shared mailbox is not actively monitored from Friday at 4:30 p.m. to Monday at 8:00 a.m.  

2. Be sure to be as explicit as possible when filling out the form.  Include an exact time limit or lack of time limit, the dates which the test can be administered and expires, proctoring instructions, accommodation plan (if necessary), and any other information which you feel is pertinent.

3. Please provide multiple methods to contact you, and ensure your contact information is accurate.  In the event that a student encounters a problem or an issue arises that requires your attention, our team will reach out to you immediately.  Note that a student’s anxiety levels can increase dramatically (which may impact their performance) if we are unable to contact their professor.

4. Please verify your proctoring instructions.  Proctors are required to have students lock up all personal belongings. Only items explicitly allowed by faculty members are permitted in the exam rooms.  For example, if you verbally tell students that they are permitted to take in a text book, note cards, calculator, scrap paper, ruler, etc. but it is not marked on your Testing Center Exam Form, students will not be allowed to take these items in the exam room. This also can increase student anxiety, and requires us to make immediate contact with you to correct the form.

5. Proctors are required to follow a professor’s specified time limit.  Please be sure to be specific about the time limit allowed (example 1hr, 2hr, untimed) and that you have communicated the time limit accurately to the student. Students who attempt your exam with less time limit than allowed (such as at closing) are required to sign a waiver form which will be sent to you.  All exam materials are collected at closing time or when their time is up.

6. Please include the names of all students eligible to take the exam.  You can add an additional sheet of paper to the list of names if there is not enough space on the exam form.  Proctors are not allowed to administer exams to students who are not listed on this form.

7. Please note that per FCC Center for Teaching and Learning Procedure, the Testing Center cannot proctor entire classes unless you are an on-line/hybrid course instructor.  Departmental exam services are designed to assist with make-up exams, students with accommodations, capstone/certifications, and select developmental retesting. Unless your course has special requirements, on-line/hybrid course instructors are required to schedule at least one but no more than two proctored assessments per semester to be in compliance with the Center for Teaching and Learning’s (CTL) Quality Matters Standards. It is strongly suggested that online/hybrid course instructors schedule proctored assessments before FCC finals week to allow time for re-testing if the grade from proctored assessments is incompatible with other earned semester grades.

8. Please make sure that you include enough exams, Scantrons, blue books, etc. for each student.  Sometimes instructors who are rushed forget to do this, which requires us to contact you and delays the student’s testing experience.

9. Please review all requirements for students and communicate those requirements to students prior to testing.  Make sure that students understand when the exam is available and for what period of time. Typically, faculty members give students one to two weeks to complete an exam.  Note that in most cases, especially when proctoring an online class, exams are not allowed to expire on Fridays and Saturdays.

10. Please check your email.  You will be e-mailed after your exams have been completed.  We seal and lock up each exam as soon as it is completed.  You are required to come to the Testing Center and “sign out” completed exams.  If you are unable to come in personally, please contact the Testing Center Manager at 301.624.2714.

11. Please note the Testing Center CANNOT accept students' homework assignments, late work, take home exams/work, or graded exams to be distributed back to students. This CTL procedure is designed to protect classroom academic integrity of all FCC courses.

We can help you research exams and learning outcomes assessment for your class.  
Along with our CTL colleagues in distributed learning and in the library, the Testing Center can help you identify alternative instruments to assess students in your classes. We also work closely with the Institutional Effectiveness department and can help you identify ways to incorporate rigorous academic instruments and/or outcomes assessment projects into your class. We are able to provide a proctored environment for these projects.
We offer classroom workshops for students. 
The Testing Center works with multiple faculty and program managers to offer simple workshops regarding study skills, test anxiety, and certification preparation for entire classes. If you feel this would be a valuable resource for your students, feel free to schedule a workshop with us.

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