Continuity of Teaching and Learning – Faculty Guide


For the rest of the Spring semester to May 20, 2020, instruction and College services will be delivered remotely. In order to make this transition smooth for both instructors and students, Online Learning and Instructional Innovation (OLII) recommends that instructors prepare by planning for this transition of instruction and taking the necessary trainings.

Face-to-Face (Traditional) Courses: Please contact your academic department to confirm that your course will be offered or continue to run in the event of a closure. This will depend on several factors including the hands-on nature of your courses, enrollments, session duration, instructor comfort level with the Learning Management System (LMS) and technology, and other institutional factors.

Online and Hybrid Courses: These course modalities can continue sessions with minimal adaptations in the event of a College closure.

Courses delivered in alternative formats should meet the key learning outcomes of the course in terms of assessments, content, and student engagement.

Course Design & Blackboard Support: If you need assistance from OLII, please submit a support request here:


Planning for the Transition: Technology Options

Transitioning Instruction to an Online Modality

FAQ: Instruction in Alternative Formats

Trainings and Individual Consultations