Department Email Phone
*Student Help Line* [email protected] 301-846-2469
Admissions [email protected] 301-624-2716
Adult Services [email protected] 301-846-2483
Athletics [email protected] 301-846-2500
Center for Student Engagement [email protected] 301-624-2793
Counseling & Advising [email protected] 301-846-2471
Financial Aid [email protected] 301-846-2620
Financial Aid/Federal Work-Study [email protected] 301-846-2620
Financial Aid/Student Loans [email protected] 301-846-2620
Financial Aid/Satisfactory Academic Progress [email protected] 301-846-2620
Multicultural Student Support [email protected]  301-846-2531
Registration Records [email protected] 301-846-2431
Services for Students w/ Disabilities [email protected] 301-846-2408
Student Finance (Cashier's) [email protected] 301-846-2456
Veterans & Military Services [email protected] 301-624-2836

Department Departmental Email Telephone
*Student Help Line* [email protected] 301.846.2469
Admissions [email protected] 301.624.2716
Adult Services [email protected] 301.846.2483
FCC Alert    
Athletics [email protected] 301.846.2500
Bookstore [email protected] Please use email.
Career Services [email protected]  301-624-2795
Center for Student Engagement [email protected] 301.624.2793
Continuing Education & Workforce
Development CEWD Registration
[email protected] 301.624.2888
Counseling & Advising Advising Contact Form 301.846.2471
Crisis and Personal Counseling [email protected]  
Dining Services [email protected]  
Dual Enrollment [email protected] 301.624.2893
FCC Foundation Scholarships [email protected] 301.624.2851
Financial Aid [email protected] 301.846.2620
Financial Aid/Federal Work-Study [email protected] 301.846.2620
Financial Aid/Student Loans [email protected] 301.846.2620
Financial Aid/Satisfactory Academic Progress [email protected] 301.846.2620
Graduation [email protected] 301-846-2655
IT Help Desk [email protected] 301-846-2509
Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency
Management & Public Services (Macem & PS)
[email protected] 301-624-2854
Multicultural Student Services [email protected]  301.624.2894
Registration Records [email protected] 301.846.2431
Security   301-846-2453
Services for Students w/ Disabilities [email protected] 301.846.2408
Service Learning [email protected] 301-624-2793
STEM Learning Center [email protected] 202-642-1456
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Student Clubs & Organizations [email protected] 301-624-2793
Student Finance (Cashier's) [email protected] 301.846.2456
Testing Center [email protected] 301-846-2522
Transfer Evaluations (Incoming) [email protected]  
Transfer Evaluations (Outgoing) [email protected]  
Transfer Services [email protected] 301-846-2471
Tutoring & Writing Center [email protected] 240-257-2225
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Wellness Resources (local and national)    
Veterans & Military Services [email protected] 301.624.2836