Class Information

  1. How will my course(s) be taught?
    Existing online classes will continue to be taught online. Starting March 16, most face-to-face and Hybrid FCC classes will be transitioned to online until March 27. The College will notify you via your myFCC email if this date is being extended. Some courses may be cancelled; if this happens a statement saying “Semester interrupted by COVID-19 Pandemic” will appear on your transcript. Please check your myFCC email daily and log into the Blackboard site of each of your classes for more information.  Internship and clinical sites are continuing as scheduled unless you hear from your instructors and/or internship/clinical sites. If you have questions around this, please contact your instructors.
  2. What if my class moves online but I can’t participate online? 
    FCC recognizes that there are factors that may make it difficult or impossible for you to transition to online learning.  If you are concerned about your ability to transition to an online course and would like to discuss alternatives, immediately email, or contact your regular advisor if you have one.  You are expected to continue to participate in your classes unless you specifically request alternatives such as an Incomplete, Withdraw, or Pass/Fail.  If you are receiving federal financial aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Direct Loans) and would like to discuss the impacts to your financial aid, please email
  3. How do I drop my class(es)? 
    You should make every attempt to continue in your class(es).  Dropping or withdrawing from a class may delay graduation, have financial aid implications, and/or impact your academic or career goals.  We want to make every effort for this transition to online learning to be successful, and not impact your path here at FCC.

    Please contact advising to explore the options you have for completing your courses this semester.

    If after you consult with an advisor, you determine that a drop, withdrawal, or audit is warranted, email or call 301-846-2610 with the name(s) of the class(es) you wish to drop.

    If you are receiving federal financial aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Direct Loans) and plan to withdraw from all your classes, the financial aid department is required to complete a Return of Title IV calculation. It is recommended that you email  prior to the withdraw, to see how this will change your financial aid awards that have been disbursed.
  4. What kind of device or Internet connection will I need to take my classes online?   
    You must have access to the Internet. A broadband Internet connection is preferred, but not required.   We recommend that your device is current, and your software meets the necessary standards. 

    To verify that your device is up to date, click here. To check the supported browsers, plugins and operating systems supported by Blackboard, click here

    There is a Blackboard Tutorial online as well as a link to download the (optional) Blackboard app.  Note: It will be challenging to complete some courses on a cell phone; please be in touch with your instructor if you have questions about this.
  5. What do I need to know about being an online student?   
    You will be expected to spend at least the same amount of time as your regular classes during the transition to alternative teaching.  If your course moves to online, you must check in online at least twice a week, and preferably daily.  Set aside plenty of time to spend on your classes. 

Cost and Finances

  1. Can I receive a refund? 
    If your class is cancelled by the college, you will receive a refund according to Section VII of the FCC Tuition and Fees policy.  If you choose to withdraw from or drop a class that has moved online, you will receive a 100% refund before March 28, and then a 50% refund between March 28 and April 11.
  2. Will my automatic payment plan continue to withdraw funds?
    Yes, if you have signed up for a payment plan, payment(s) will continue to be automatically withdrawn from your checking/savings account or major credit card on the 5th day of each month that payment is due. If you have other questions, please call Student Accounts at 301.846.2658 or email
  3. How might this affect my financial aid?  
    If you are in a 7-week class starting on March 18th, and you begin attendance in the class, after attendance is verified by your instructor, financial aid funds for this class will be disbursed.  If you are unable to begin attendance in the class(s), please withdraw from the class(s) and your financial aid awards will be adjusted as needed. 

    If you have questions about how this will change your financial aid award amounts, please email

    If you are receiving federal financial aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Direct Loans) and plan to withdraw from all of your classes, the financial aid office is required to complete a Return of Title IV calculation.

    It is recommended that you email  prior to the withdraw, to see how this will change your financial aid awards that have been disbursed.
  4. What if I have questions about financial aid, paying my bill, or my scholarship?  
    Financial Aid staff are available to help you apply for local, state, and federal aid options including scholarships, grants, work study positions, and student loans.  If you have specific questions about your financial aid eligibility, please contact the financial aid at or call 301-846-2620. If you have questions about your current bill, please email
  5. I am a student employee at FCC, will I still be paid when the College campus is closed? 
    Yes, if you are working on campus as a work-study student, you will still be paid for the hours that you were scheduled to work.  No action is needed, your supervisor will enter your scheduled work hours into the payroll system. Please continue to monitor your FCC email account during this time. If you have any questions, email the Executive Director of Financial Aid at

Advising & Support

  1. What if my class was cancelled and I needed that class to complete my degree for Graduation this May?
    Academic Advisors are ready to help you.  Students concerned about the impact of a course cancellation on their ability to graduate should email or contact your regular advisor if you have one.
  2. How might this affect my plans for participating in the Graduation Ceremony?
    At this time the Spring 2020 FCC commencement ceremony is expected to happen as planned.    
  3. What if I am concerned about the impact of the instructional change on a class grade?
    Please contact your instructor about your concerns. You can also contact your regular advisor if you have one, or you can 

    FCC Faculty are committed to your health and well-being and understand that the switch to an online format may cause uncertainty for some students. Please contact your instructor and an advisor to discuss your concerns. There may be some options in terms of grading, depending on your program, which may be possible during this time which an advisor or your instructor can support you in thinking about.   (For example, an “Incomplete” which allow you to finish the course within a set time beyond the end of the semester, or an option to change your grade into a Pass/Fail)
  4. What services are available to me if I am a student with a disability or a student with a chronic health condition? 
    If you are currently served by the FCC Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office, please contact your advisor in the office if you have questions or need assistance with accommodations. If you are unsure who that is or if you don’t have an advisor in SSD, please contact the office directly with questions or concerns at  or by calling 301-846-2408 (Voice).  If you currently do not work with the Services for Students with Disabilities Office but develop the need for a temporary accommodation as the result of a change in your health or because your course moves online, please email  or call 301-846-2408 (Voice) as soon as you recognize the need for the accommodation.
  5. What if I need to meet with an Academic Advisor?  Will virtual advising be available?
    Yes, advisors and counselors are ready to assist you. If you have an advisor, please contact them directly. Otherwise you can email or call 301-846-2471 to set up a virtual advising appointment (over the phone or via video chat).
  6. What if I had an appointment already scheduled with my Advisor? 
    Counseling and Advising will make accommodations to assist you with your advising needs through email, phone, or virtual advising, knowing all in-person appointments are cancelled at this time. Please respond to your advisor, and they will make the appropriate accommodations.
  7. Will I have access to tutoring? 
    During this time, your best resource is your professor. They can answer questions, suggest great learning resources like videos and websites, connect you with classmates, and guide you through your course.

    Also, you will find online tutoring in Blackboard for many introductory courses: English, writing for any course, accounting, math up to Calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, economics, and computing. Click on the ONLINE TUTORING link in your course Blackboard site, under "Tools."  

    For helpful online resources:

    For more answers to your questions about tutoring:  
  8. What if I become ill or am caring for someone who is ill? 
    Please seek medical attention and follow the guidelines established by Frederick County authorities; updates are posted on the Frederick County website. Students who become too ill to continue with classes should email their individual instructors as well as
  9. What if my circumstances change (I lose internet access, my computer breaks, I get ill, I am having childcare issues, etc.) and I am no longer able to continue in my online class, what do I do?
    As soon as possible, email your professor, and/or your academic advisor.  We understand there will be uncertainty during this time, and we are here to support you as needs arise.
  10. I am concerned about getting access to food during this time because I rely on College services like the Food Pantry in the Center for Student Engagement.
    If you rely on services at the College to eat, please see below for options in the community while FCC’s food pantry is inaccessible. If you are concerned about access to food during this time, you can contact .

    We are here to support you and connect you to the resources of our community. Here is a link to our resource directory:
    • Community Agencies:
  11. What do I do if I am a National Guard Student and I have been or may be called up to provide support throughout the state
    We thank you for your service during this time and will give you an opportunity like during all military service to make up the work. Please contact the Director of Veteran and Military Services, Rachel Nachlas, at to get support in coordinating this with your instructors.

  12. I am a Veteran and I am concerned about VA Housing Allowance payments if all courses switch to an online format.

    Please contact the Director of Veteran and Military Services, Rachel Nachlas, at to get up-to-date information about this or if you have concerns. All FCC Credit Programs are approved by the VA for both in-residence and online delivery so our students benefits payments will remain the same for the rest of this term.

General Information

  1. How can I see the Academic Calendar with important dates?
    FCC Website lists dates on the following webpage:
  2. Is the Children’s Center open? 
    No, the Children’s Center is not open. Please continue to monitor for updates.
  3. What if I need to go to the FCC Bookstore?
    The Bookstore is currently closed to all foot traffic, but students can still go to the online store to make purchases.  Online ordering & Ship-to-Address will be available for any student needing their course materials; shipping fees will be waived until March 27th, 2020.  In-store pickup is closed until March 30th.  Students should be aware that it is usually a 1-3 day turn-around time for the Mid-Maryland region.  Students will need to pick a secure location to ship to, as FCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  4. My question hasn’t been answered, who do I contact?
    Please contact us! We are here to support you. You can email with any questions you have or requests for support you need. You will hear back from us within 48 hours. We want to make this transition as easy as possible.  If you need immediate attention, a student help line is available beginning March 16, 2020 from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at (301) 846-2469.