Frederick Community College Policy and Procedures

Frederick Community College (FCC) is in the process of doing a complete review of all College Policies and Procedures. This project is well under way and has proven to be worthwhile and much needed. Under the direct leadership of the President, many members of the FCC community are doing the hard work involved in reviewing, revising, and editing multiple drafts of policies and procedures until they are sound, and accurately represent “best practice.” The Policy and Procedures web page is being redesigned to support this effort and to catalog policies and procedures as they are approved or repealed.

The Table of Contents in the left column catalogs policies and procedures that are either waiting to be reviewed, or have been officially repealed. The column on the right catalogs policies and procedures that have been officially approved. Together, the two columns represent the current, official FCC Policies and Procedures and should be used as needed.

Procedures Existing


Policy 1.10 Board Composition, Terms of Office and Principles of Operation (repealed)
Policy 1.11 Election of Officers - Board of Trustees (repealed)
Policy 1.12a. Responsibilities of the Board (repealed)
Policy 1.12b. Board E-Mail Communication (repealed)
Policy 1.13 Duties and Powers of Officers (repealed)
Policy 1.14 Meetings of the Board of Trustees (repealed)
Procedure 1.14 Meetings Procedures (repealed)
Policy 1.15 Board-President Relationships (repealed)
Policy 1.16 Amendment of Bylaws (repealed)
Policy 1.17 Consent Items for Board Agendas (repealed)
Policy 1.18 Code of Ethics, Trustees Job Descriptions (repealed)
Policy 1.19 Board of Trustees Open Meetings Act (repealed)
1.20 Board of Trustees Public Information Act Policy (repealed)
1-20 Board of Trustees Public Information Act Procedure (repealed)

2.10 Forward and Preamble Policy (repealed)
2.11 Policies - Creation Policy
2-11 Approving and Modifying Institutional Policies and Procedures
  • A Preface
  • B Employee Welfare
  • C Non-Welfare
  • D General Administrative Protocols

2.12 Office of the President Policy  (repealed)
  • A.Term of Office of the President
  • B.Duties of the President
  • C.Expectations of the President


3.10 Policy Statement  (repealed)
  • A. General
  • B. Affirmative Action
  • C. Equal Employment Opportunity

3.11 Conditions of Employment - All Employees Policy (repealed)
3-11a Grievance Procedure for Employees Procedure (repealed)
  •  A Defined
  •  B Procedural Steps
  •  C Specific Conditions 

3-11b Workers Compensation Procedure (repealed)

3.12 Additional Conditions of Employment Policy (repealed)
  • A. Administrative Staff
  • B. Faculty 
  • C. Support Staff
  • D. Temporary Employees
3-12a Classification, Reclassification, & Compensation for Administrative & Support Positions Procedure (repealed)
  •  A Position Classification
  •  B Requests for Reclassification
  •  C Reclassification Appeal Process
  •  D Salary Scale Placement
  •  E Extra Hours Compensation and Overtime
3-12b Additional Conditions of Employment for Faculty Procedure  (repealed)
  •  A Conditions and Responsibilities of Employment
  •  B Resignation
  •  C Qualifications for Academic Rank
  •  D Qualifications for Specific Academic Rank-Traditional Method
  •  E Qualifications for Specific Academic Rank-Substitution Method
  •  F Promotion
  •  G Salary Increases
 3-12c Work/Life Procedures (repealed)
  •  A Work/Life
  •  B Procedure
  •  C Tools for Our Flexible Workplace
3-12d Ethical Standards of Professional Behavior Procedure (repealed)

3-12e Years of Service Recognition Procedure (repealed)
  • A General
  • B Definitions
  • C Years of Service Awards
3-12g  Employee Evaluation Procedure (repealed)
  • A General
  • B  Administrators and Support Staff
  • C  Faculty
  • D  Step Increases
  • E  Less than Satisfactory Evaluations
  • F  Employee Rights
3-12h  Rewards and Recognition for Administrators & Staff Procedure (repealed)
3-12i Faculty Rewards and Recognition Procedure (repealed)
3.13 Other Types of Employment Policy (repealed)
3.14 Separation From Employment Policy (repealed)
  • A. Voluntary Termination - Resignation or Retirement
  • B. Involuntary Termination
  • C. Dismissal or Suspension
  • D. Right of Appeal
  • E. Retrenchment
3-14a Separation from Employment – Appeal Procedure (repealed)
  •  A Involuntary Termination, Dismissal, or Suspension (repealed) 
  •  B Procedure for Appeal (repealed) 
3-14b Separation and Retirement Procedure (repealed)
3-14c Retrenchment Procedures (repealed)
3.15 Employee Exchange Program Policy (repealed)
  • A. Program
  • B Definitions
  • C. Eligibility Requirements
  • D. Number of Exchanges
  • E. Length of Exchange
  • F. Compensation
  • G. Vested Rights
  • H. Exchange Assignment and Obligations
  • I. Facilities and Resources
  • J. Housing and Relocation
  • K. Exchange Commitments
  • L. Other Considerations  

3.16  Professional Ethics Policy(repealed)
  • Acceptance of Gratuities
  • Financial Aid Code of Conduct
  • "Free Goods" or Merchandise 
  • Conflicts of Interest  

3.17 Non-discrimination Policy (repealed)
3-17 Discrimination Complaint Procedures  (repealed)
  •  A Procedures
  •  B Initiation of a Complaint
  •  C Fact Finding
  •  D Conference with the President
  •  E Appeal
  •  F Standard of Evidence
  •  G Confidentiality
  •  H Reprisals and False Complaints
  •  I  Disciplinary Action
  • J  Retaliation

3.18 Sexual Harassment Policy (repealed)
3.19 Eligibility for Benefits Policy (repealed)
3.20 Insurance Benefits Policy  (repealed)
  • A. Dental Insurance
  • B. Disability Insurance
  • C. Life Insurance Benefit
  • D. Medical Insurance
  • E. Flexible Benefits Plan
  • F. Vision Care Insurance  

3.21 Leave Benefits Policy (repealed)
  • A. Annual Leave
  • B. Bereavement Leave
  • C. Holiday Leave
  • D. Jury Duty and Court Attendance
  • E. Leave of Absence Without Pay
  • F. Maternity Leave
  • G. Military Leave
  • H. Sabbatical Leave
  • I. Sick Leave
  • J. Special Leave
3-21 Sabbatical Leave Procedure   (repealed)
  • A General Application
  • B Sabbatical Categories and Guidelines

3.22 Retirement/Pension Benefits Policy (repealed)
  • A. Faculty and Administrative Staff
  • B. Supportive Staff
3.23 Tuition Benefits Policy (repealed)
  • A. Tuition Reimbursement
  • B. Tuition Waiver  

3.24 Travel and Other Professional Growth Expenses Policy (repealed)
3.25 Recognition of Staff for Completion of Degrees Policy (repealed)
3.26. Emeritus Status Policy (repealed)
3-26 Emeritus Status Procedure (repealed)
  • A Eligibility and Criteria
  • B Procedures
  • C Privileges

Support Personnel Association Distinguished Status Policy and Procedures (repealed)


 3.27 Employee Sick Leave Bank Policy (repealed)
  • A. Definition and Purpose
  • B. Approved Uses and Exclusions
  • C. Membership
3-27 Employee Sick Leave Bank Procedure (repealed)
  •  A Rules and Procedures
  •  B Administration 

3.28 Family and Medical Leave Policy  (repealed)
3-28 Procedures for Requesting Family and Medical Leave (repealed)
  •  A General
  •  B Definitions
  •  C Eligibility
  •  D Substitution of Sick Leave, Compensatory Time and Annual Leave
  •  E Benefits
  •  F Reinstatement of Employment
  •  G General Provisions
  •  H Procedures for Requesting Leave 

 3.29 Employee Assistance Program Policy (repealed)
3.30 Auxiliary Employee Benefits Policy (repealed) 
  • A. Employment Category
  • B. Eligibility
  • C. Benefits  

3.31 Nepotism Policy (repealed)
3-31 Nepotism Procedure (repealed)
  •  A General
  •  B Definitions
  •  C Employment Activities
  •  D Learning Activities
  •  E Remedies


4.00 Academic Freedom (repealed)
4.10 Admissions (repealed)
4-10 Admissions Procedure (repealed)
  • A Procedures for Credit Courses or Programs
  • B Procedures for Continuing Education Courses or Programs

4.11 Academic Assessment and Placement Policy (repealed)
4-11 Academic Placement and Assessment Procedures (repealed)
4.12 Academic Standards Policy
4-12a Awarding of Credit Procedure
4-12b Academic Progress Procedure
4-12c Grading Procedure
4-12d Computation of Grade Point Average Procedure (GPA)
4-12e Change of Schedule Procedure
4-12f Change of Major Procedure
4-12g Catalog Year Procedure
4-12h Articulation Agreements Procedure
4-12i Graduation Requirements Procedure (effective June 1, 2015)
4-12j Course Substitutions Procedure
4-12k Academic Clemency Procedure

4.13 Student Records (repealed)
4-13 Student Records - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Procedure (repealed)
4.14 Field Trips
4.15 Academic Integrity (repealed)
4-15 Violation of Academic Integrity Procedure (repealed)
  • A Introduction
  • B Definitions
  • C Investigation of Alleged Violations
  • D Imposition of a Sanction
  • E Appeals

4.16 Intellectual Property
4-16 Intellectual Property Procedure
  • A Definitions
  • B Creator
  • C College Resources
  • D Ownership of and Rights to Intellectual Property
  • E College Participation in Ownership of Intellectual Property

4.17 Course Participation Policy (repealed)
4-17 Course Participation and Attendance Procedure
4.18 Awarding a Posthumous Degree or Special Recognition Award Policy(repealed) 
4.18 Awarding a Posthumous Degree or Special Recognition Award Procedure(repealed) 


5.10 Student Publications Policy
5.11 Code of Student Conduct Policy (repealed)
  • A. Philosophy & Purpose
  • B. Authority
  • C. Application and Scope of Jurisdiction
5-11a Code of Student Conduct Procedure (repealed)
  • A Philosophy and Purpose
  • B Application and Scope of Jurisdiction
  • C Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • D Definitions
  • E Procedural Safeguards
  • F Proscribed Conduct
  • G Sanctions
  • H Emergency Disciplinary Procedures
  • I  Additional Conditions
  • J  Reporting an Alleged Violation of the Code of Student Conduct
  • K Conference with Alleged Violator
  • L  Investigation of an Alleged Violation of the Code of Student Conduct
  • M Administrative Hearing
  • N Initiation of a Hearing by the Student Discipline Committee
  • O Hearing Procedure
  • P Appeal of the Decision by Student Discipline Committee
  • Q Reenrollment Following a Disciplinary Suspension
  • R Records
5-11b Behavior Evaluation and Response Team Procedure
  • A Introduction
  • B Team Composition
  • C Reporting Concerns
  • D Responding to Reports

5-11c Administrative Withdrawal and Evaluation Procedure (repealed)
  • A Administrative Withdrawal
  • B Determinations with Respect to Administrative Withdrawals
  • C Medical and/or Psychological Evaluation Procedure
  • D Response to Suicidal Behavior


5.12 Residency Policy (repealed)
5-12 Residency Procedure (repealed)

5.13 Tuition and Tuition Refund Policy  (repealed)
5-13 Tuition and Tuition Refund Procedure

5.14 Contract Agreements with Employers for Employee Training Policy (repealed)

5.15 Intercollegiate Athletics Policy (repealed)

5.17 Classroom Behavior Policy (repealed)
5-17 Classroom Behavior Procedure (repealed)

5.18 Student Grievance Policy   (repealed)
5-18a   Grievance Procedure for Students:  Grade Disputes Procedure (repealed)

5-18b   Student Grievance Procedure for Non-grade Complaints Procedure (repealed)
5-18c   Grievance Procedure for Students:  Americans with Disabilities and Section 504 Procedure (repealed)

5.19 Student Sexual Harassment Procedure (repealed)

6.10 Alcoholic Beverages Policy  (repealed)

6.11 Auxiliary Enterprise Operations Policy (repealed)

6.12 Communicable Diseases Policy (repealed)

6.13 Control and Supervision of College Fiscal Records Policy

6.14 Display of National Flag Policy (repealed)

6.15 Equal Educational Opportunity Policy (repealed)

6.16 Inclement Weather Policy(repealed)

6.17 Naming of Buildings, Spaces & Programs Policy
6-17 Naming of Buildings, Spaces, and Programs Procedure
A Introduction
B Definitions
C General Conditions
D Procedure
E Responsibility
F Naming for Individuals
G Naming for Corporations
H Financial Contributions
I  Changed Circumstances and Renaming
J Donor Contribution Levels

6.18 Parking Policy (repealed)
6-18 Parking and Fines Procedures (repealed)

6.19 Posting of Information On Campus Policy

6.20 Use of College Facilities Policy(repealed) 
6-20 Use of College Facilities Procedure(repealed) 

6.21 Smoking (repealed)
6-21 Smoking Procedures (repealed)

  • A Introduction
  • B Notification about the Policy/Procedures
  • C Enforcement
  • D Reporting and Tracking Violations
  • E Adjudication
  • F Smoking Prevention and Cessation Resources

6.22 Weapons Policy (repealed)
6-22 Weapons Procedure (repealed)

6.23 Employee and Student Drug and Alcohol Policy (repealed)
6-23 Employee and Student Drug and Alcohol Procedures (repealed)

  • A Drug and Alcohol
  • B Standards of Conduct
  • C Employee Regulations
  • D Student Drug Free Pledge
  • E Reporting an Alleged Violation of the Employee & Student Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • F College Sanctions
  • G Local, State and Federal Law Descriptions Relating to Alcohol and Drug Use
  • H Health Risks Associated with Alcohol and Drug Use
  • I  Substance Abuse Prevention Program and Notification to Employees
  • J Getting Help
  • K Area Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services

6.24 Sexual Assault Policy (repealed)
6.24 Sexual Assault Response Procedure (repealed)

6.25 Investments Policy

  • A. Policy
  • B. Scope
  • C. Prudence
  • D. Objective
  • E. Delegation of Authority
  • F. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
  • G. Authorized Financial Dealers and Institutions
  • H. Authorized and Suitable Investments
  • I. Collateralization
  • J. Safekeeping and Custody
  • K. Diversification
  • L. Maximum Maturities
  • M. Internal Control
  • N. Performance Standards
  • O. Reporting
  • P. Investment Policy Adoption
6.26 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy (repealed)
6-26a Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Procedure (repealed)
6-26b General E-mail Procedure (repealed)
6-26c PeopleSoft System Access Procedure(repealed)
6-26d Administrative Access Rights Procedure (repealed)
6-26e Password Security Network Application and Voicemail Procedure (repealed)
6-26f Software Acquisition Installation and Support Procedure (repealed)
6-26g Disposal of Surplus Computer Equipment Procedure (repealed)
6-26h Account Termination Procedure (repealed)
6-26i Telephone Procedure (repealed)
6-26j myFCC Procedure (repealed)
6-26k Computer Lab Usage Procedure (repealed)
6-26l Laptop Loan Procedure (repealed)
6-26z Violations of Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Procedure (repealed)
6.27 Web, Marketing & Promotions Policy (repealed)
6-27 Web, Marketing & Promotions Procedure (repealed)
6.28 Whistleblower Protection Policy (repealed)
6-28 Whistleblower Protection Procedure (repealed)
6.29 Copyright Compliance Policy
6-29 Copyright Compliance Procedure
6.32 Safety and Security Policy (repealed)
6-32a Key Procedures (repealed)
6-32b Mailroom Procedures (repealed)
6-32c Procedures for Visitors and Children on Campus Procedures (repealed)
6-32d Contract and Document Signing Procedures
  • A General
  • B President
  • C Vice President for Administration
  • D Vice President for Learning/Provost
  • E Vice President for Learning Support

6-32e Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • A Purpose
  • B Scope
  • C General Information
  • D Responsibilities
  • E Procedures
6-32f Workplace Violence (repealed)
  • A Definition
  • B Incident Reporting
  • C Investigation and Action
6.33 Use of Force Policy
6-33 Use of Force Procedure
6.40 Cash Policy
6-40 Cash Procedures
7.10 Contingency Fund Reserve Policy
  • A. General
  • B. Creation and Maintenance of the CFR
  • C. Uses of the CFR
  • D. Strategic Fund Balance Reserve (SFBR)
  • E. Creation and Maintenance of the SFBR
  • F. Uses of the SFBR
  • G. Budgeted Annual Operating Reserve (BAOR)
  • H. Creation and Maintenance of the BAOR
  • I.Uses of the Annual Budget Operating Reserve
College Policies & Procedures Revised

Academic Assessment and Placement Policy and Procedures

Academic Standards Policy and Procedures (effective  June 6, 2016)

Admissions Policy and Procedure

Advertising by External Parties Policies and Procedures

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use and Awareness Policy and Procedures

Auxiliary Benefits Policy and Procedures

Board of Trustees Bylaws

Business and Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedure

Code of Student Conduct

Code of Conduct for Visitors  and Guests

Complaint Policy and Procedures for Employees

Complaint Policy and Procedures for Students

Employee Code of Ethics

Employee Misconduct Policy and Procedures

Employee Recognition Policy and Procedures

Inclement Weather/College Closing Policy and Procedures

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

International Travel Policy and Procedures

Leave Benefits Policy and Procedures

Non-Discrimination Policy and Procedures

Posthumous Awards for Students Policy and Procedures

Privacy and Access to Education Records Policy and Procedures

Public Information Requests Policy and Procedures

Residency Policy and Procedures

Separation from Employment

Sick Leave Bank Policy and Procedures

Student Withdrawal Policy and Procedures

Title IX Sexual Misconduct

Technology Use Policy and Procedure

Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedures

Tuition and Fees Policy and Procedure

Use of Facilities Policy and Procedures

Weapons Policy and Procedures