Self Study 2024-2025 Self Study 2024-2025

Self Study 2024-2025

Frederick Community College Mission Statement


Focused on teaching and learning, Frederick Community College provides affordable, flexible access to lifelong education that responds to the needs of diverse learners and the community.



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Accreditation Overview

In the Commission's own description:


“The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), through accreditation, mandates that its member institutions meet rigorous and comprehensive standards, which are addressed in the context of the mission of each institution and within the culture of ethical practices and institutional integrity expected of accredited institutions. In meeting the quality standards of MSCHE accreditation, institutions earn accredited status, and this permits them to state with confidence: “Our students are well-served; society is well-served.” (see MSCHE Standards)

Visit the MSCHE website for more information:

Grants of accreditation are given for eight-year periods. In order to maintain its institutional accreditation, the College is responsible for meeting all of the MSCHE Requirements of Affiliation and Standards for Accreditation.

To see more about accreditation, access this page.


Accreditation Cycle


The College is required to demonstrate compliance through periodic reporting to MSCHE and to complete a self-study nearing the conclusion of the grant of accreditation. This is done through the following:


Annual Institutional Updates (AIU)


The College provides an annual update on its institutional characteristics including its institutional contacts, location, state degree granting authority, control, and its Carnegie classification; as well as key data indicators such as enrollment, financial information, and measures of student achievement.

Self Study


The Self-Study is required every eight-years, coinciding with the end of a grant of accreditation. The Self-Study is an opportunity for the College to conduct an in-depth evaluation of its operations, with an emphasis on a collaborative and data-driven process, demonstrating compliance with the Requirements of Affiliation and Standards for Accreditation.

Peer reviewers conduct an on-site review of the Self-Study, verifying the College’s compliance, and providing areas for improvement if warranted. The Self-Study is conducted over a three-year period. FCC’s Self-Study process began in Fall of 2022, utilizing the 13th Edition of the MSCHE Standards, and will be concluded in early 2025 with the peer evaluation and notice of action by MSCHE.


Intended Outcomes of the 2024-25 Self-Study

  1. Engage the College community in an inclusive and transparent self-appraisal process that actively and deliberately seeks to involve members from all areas of the College
  2. Demonstrate how the institution currently meets the Commission’s Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation through the Self-Study
  3. Demonstrate a data informed culture which focuses on institutional effectiveness and innovation in the attainment of the College mission and institutional priorities
  4. Demonstrate a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is present at all levels of the College


Self-Study Timeline 2022 - 2025


  1. 2022

    • Participation in the Self-Study Institute
  2. 2022

    • Appointment of the Self-Study Chairs
    • Selection of Steering Committee Members
  3. 2023

    • Steering Committee Charged
    • Begin drafting the Self-Study Design
  4. 2023

    • Establish Working Groups
    • Develop a Communication Plan
    • Finalize the Self-Study Design
  5. 2023

    • Submit Self-Study Design to MSCHE
  6. 2023

    • Host MSCHE VP Liaison
  7. 2023

    • Self-study Design approved by MSCHE
  8. 2023

    • Collection of Evidence demonstrating compliance
  9. 2023

    • Working Groups develop drafts of their chapters for Steering Committee feedback
  10. 2024

    • Team chair selection
    • Working Groups refine their chapters and submit to the Steering Committee for feedback
  11. 2024

    • Steering Committee develops draft of the Self-Study Report
  12. 2024

    • The Self-Study Report is presented to the College community for feedback and review
    • Continued development of the Self-Study Report based on feedback
  13. 2024

    • Submission of the Self-Study Report to the evaluation team chair
  14. 2024

    • On-site evaluation by the team chair
    • Revisions to the Self-Study Report draft as needed based on team chair feedback
    • Final Self-Study Report presented to the campus community
  15. 2025

    • Submission of the Final Self-Study Report and evidence to MSCHE and the team chair
  16. 2025

    • On-site evaluation by the peer review team
    • Receive team report and prepare institutional response
  17. 2025

    • Notice of MSCHE action to FCC


Self-Study Design


The Self-Study Design is a roadmap which outlines the structure and processes that will guide the Self-Study. This document was created in Phase 1 of the overall Self-Study and is regularly updated.


Self-Study Design Cover


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