Transfer of Non-traditional Credit

FCC may award up to 45 credits for demonstrated proficiency in areas related to college-level coursework. Sources used to determine proficiency include the following:
Military Credit

FCC is a Service Members Opportunity College (SOC) and accepts transcripts from the military. We follow credit recommendations made by the American Council on Education (ACE). The student should have an official transcript of his or her record sent directly to the Welcome Center.

  •Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript System

  •Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registration Transcript

  •Community College of the Air Force

  •United States Coast Guard

  •Defense Language Institute

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is a national credit-by-examination program providing individuals the opportunity to receive credit for college-level achievement acquired in a wide variety of ways. General and subject examinations are available, with many being accepted by FCC. 
To request an official CLEP score report, please visit the CLEP website for more information.

If you are interested in taking a CLEP exam, please contact the Testing Center at 301.846.2522.
Please be advised that not all CLEP exams are accepted at FCC. Before students sit for an exam, they should consult the FCC Academic Catalog or verify with the Transfer Evaluation department (301.846.2595) or the Testing Center that an exam is accepted by FCC.

Advanced Placement (AP)

These subject exams are generally administered through high schools at the culmination of AP course offerings. The program provides a practical way for high school students to receive advanced standing credit in college for college-level courses completed in high schools. 
It is the student’s responsibility to have an official AP score report sent to FCC.  Please visit the AP website for more information.

A complete list of accepted AP exams can be found in the FCC Academic Catalog or by reviewing the FCC Academic Catalog.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

FCC will evaluate International Baccalaureate (IB) subject examinations with scores of 5, 6, or 7. Students must have official results sent to the FCC Welcome Center. Students may be awarded up to 30 credits toward the associate degree, but those planning to transfer need to consult with potential transfer institutions regarding each institution’s policy on required scores and credits awarded. To request an official candidate score report be sent to FCC, see the International Baccalaureate website at
IB Exam FCC Course Equivalent/
Credits Awarded
IB English (HL) 5+ = EN102
5+ and Completion of full-
diploma option = EN101 & EN102
IB Math (HL) 5+ = MA206 (3) and MA210 (4);
Placement into MA211
IB Math (SL) 5+ = MA111 (4);
Placement into MA201 or MA210
IB Math Studies 5+ = MA103 (3)
IB Biology (HL) 6+ = BI101 & BI102
IB Biology (SL) 6+ = BI100
IB Chemistry 5 = CH101;
6+ = CH101 and CH102
IB Physics (SL) No credit
IB History of the Americas 5= HI 201 or HI 202;
6+ = HI 201 & HI 202
IB History of Europe 5+ = HI 102
IB Economics (SL) 6+ = EC 201 & EC 202
IB Spanish 5+ = LS 101 and LS 102
IB French 5+ = LF 101 andLF 102
IB Latin 5+ = LL101 and LL102
IB Music Determined by program manager
IB Art 5+ = AR104
IB Computer Science 5+ = CIS106
Full IB Diploma (Indicates successful completion of the Theory of Knowledge course and the Extended Essay EN101
Credit by Departmental Examination

In some subject areas, there are no CLEP examinations available. If a student feels knowledgeable in one of these areas, the student may contact the program manager of the appropriate department to inquire about the possibility of taking a departmental exam in order to receive credit.  Some courses will not qualify for testing, such as laboratory courses or experiential or interactive courses.  The student may take the exam only once and must pass with at least a “C” to receive credit.  The grade for the exam will not show on the transcript.  The cost for taking a departmental exam will be 50% of the College’s current tuition for the equivalent course. The completed and signed Departmental Exam paperwork, along with a copy of the paid receipt from the Student Accounts office, must be submitted to the Welcome Center for credit to be awarded.

Portfolio Development

The portfolio development process allows students to earn credit for college level expertise and knowledge acquired from experiences such as work, volunteerism, readings, and training.  Students should enroll in the Portfolio Development class. During the class, a portfolio will be compiled showing evidence of the learning that may satisfy FCC course requirements. The portfolio will then be submitted to FCC faculty for credit review. In addition to paying for the portfolio course, students will be required to pay 50% of the tuition required for the credits earned. The credits awarded will show on the student’s transcript.  For additional information on this process, the student should call the Consultant at 301.846.2526.  The completed and signed Portfolio Credit form and copy of the paid receipt must be submitted to the Welcome Center for credit to be awarded.

Frederick County Public Schools High School Articulation Agreement

FCC and the Frederick County Public Schools have an articulation agreement that awards College credit for selected Frederick County Public Schools coursework. To receive credit for these courses, students must have earned a specific grade as designated in the various agreements. Students should consult with their high school guidance office to plan their coursework. Upon successful completion of the coursework, the student must submit an official high school transcript directly to the Assistant Registrar in the Welcome Center. College credit will be posted on the student’s transcript if the credits are applicable to their degree program. If needed, these credits can also be used as free electives.

Note: Students must be admitted to FCC for credit to be awarded. 

Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES)

DANTES is a testing program available to military personnel, as well as civilians. Please be advised that not all DANTES exams are accepted by FCC.  Before students sit for an exam, they should verify with the Transfer Evaluation department (301.846.2595) that an exam is accepted by FCC.

To learn more about DANTES, please visit:

Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI)

FCC evaluates transcripts from MFRI for students working toward a degree in Fire Service Administration degree. Students should request an official transcript from MFRI to be sent to FCC’s Welcome Center. Not all MFRI courses are awarded credit toward the Fire Service Administration degree.  Information about requesting MFRI transcripts can be found by going to

Student must be enrolled in the Fire Service Administration degree program for the MFRI articulation credits to be awarded.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Courses

If you are a student interested in FEMA courses and the Emergency Management program, you should visit our FEMA/Emergency Management site for information about this dynamic program.  If you check out the site and still have questions, you should call 301.624.2854.

For students already familiar with the FEMA/Emergency Management process who wish to have other transfer credit evaluated (other colleges/universities, military, etc…), you will need to apply to FCC and declare your major as Emergency Management, then send all of your official transcripts sent directly to the FCC Welcome Center.

If you have questions about the evaluation of your non-FEMA credits, please contact the Transfer Evaluation department at 301.846.2595. For information about the Emergency Management degree or certificate program, you should contact the program manager at 301.624.2854.