Welcome to the new student orientation website!

All new students planning to attend FCC for their first college experience* will participate in the ROAR program.

Appointments will open in March 2021 for Summer and Fall 2021 registration.​

*Note: If you will be a high school student (non-graduate) during the 2020-2021 school year, you will not participate in ROAR until after you graduate. If you will be a high school student, and will be taking FCC classes on our campus or taking FCC classes on your high school campus, FCC's Dual Enrollment program will allow you to earn your high school diploma and college credits simultaneously.


To make sure you are ready to ROAR… you must do the following:


Apply for Admission

Take Placement Tests

Log into FCC Student Accounts

Do you need help to clarify and explore majors & careers?

Complete the ROAR Orientation

If you have questions about the admissions/enrollment process, please contact the Admissions office at 301.624.2716 or Email Admissions. The Admissions Office is located within the College and Career Readiness Center, located on the 2nd floor  of Jefferson Hall (J234)