The FCC Mathematics Department is a learning-centered department with a focus on preparing students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners who are numerically literate and can reason quantitatively both in and out of the classroom.

We develop independent learners who analyze data, synthesize knowledge, and acquire skills through active learning.

We emphasize the collaborative nature of learning and view all learners as equally important.

We use technology to enhance the thinking process and uniformly devote our energies to the entire spectrum of two-year mathematics courses.

The Mathematics Option of the Arts and Sciences A.S. Degree has been discontinued. Students interested in pursuing a mathematics-focused program of study should contact the Mathematics Department Chair for advising.

Full-time Faculty Members

Gregory Coldren Associate Professor 240.629.7897
Kylena Cross Assistant Professor, Developmental Math Program Manager 240.629.7835
Evan Evans Associate Professor 301.624.2741
Joanna Gannon Assistant Professor 301.846.2638
Josiah Hartley Assistant Professor 301.846.2578
Larry Huff Assistant Professor 240.629.7817
Gary Hull Associate Professor 301.846.2576
Matthew Lochman Assistant Professor, Developmental Math 301.624.2771
Val Lochman Assistant Professor 240.629.7958
Erum Marfani Assistant Professor 240.629.7838
Mary Mogan-Vallon Associate Professor, Chair 240.629.7825
Pei Taverner Associate Professor 301.846.2546
Dina Yagodich Associate Professor 301.846.2582


Contact Information

Jeanne Nesbitt
Academic Office Manager
​Office: B228

Mary Mogan-Vallon
Department Chair
Office: B235


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