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"Lights, camera, action!" The Film and Video Production program at Frederick Community College (FCC) is hosting its second-annual Student Film Festival. Students participating in the program will present the original short films and animations created during their film and video courses. 
This free event is on May 11, 2024 at 6 p.m. in the Jack B. Kussmaul Theater, located in the Visual & Performing Arts Building. Members of the community are invited to enjoy more than 20 short films and animations! Please note, not all films and animations may be suitable for young audiences.
This Film Festival provides students a rare opportunity to showcase their creative endeavors outside of the classroom with family, friends, and the Frederick community. “Our Film & Video Production students are eager for this year’s festival,” said Jason Santelli, FCC Film and Video Production Program Manager. “After last year’s success they have raised the bar to bring even more entertainment to the community through their short films and animations. I’m extremely excited to be supporting their success on the big screen!”
“You can trust that the staff members of FCC's Film & Video production program have a genuine care for the arts and filmmaking. This film festival provides a tremendous highlight of that, and of all the talent that comes in. For anyone passionate for the arts, you don't want to miss the chance.” 
-Nick Menendez, FCC Student 
“The festival is a dream come true for students who create movies with the intention of showing their hard work to an audience outside of class.”   
-Lorenzo Richards, FCC Student
"The FCC Film Festival is a great way for students to share their passion for film together. It provides an opportunity for students to see how a live audience will receive their work. The event brings together the community to celebrate the creativity of FCC film students.”
-Reagan Brown, FCC Student
Again, the event is free but tickets are required for admission and can be reserved on the event’s tickets page. An event schedule can be found on the FCC Student Film Festival webpage, which provides a rating for each film and animation. Questions? Please contact Jason Santelli, Film and Video Production Program Manager, at [email protected] or 301-846-2566.



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