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FCC Literary and Visual Arts Magazine Earns 9th Consecutive 1st-Place Award
For the ninth consecutive year, the American Scholastic Press Association has recognized Frederick Community College’s (FCC) literary and visual arts magazine, The Tuscarora Review, with a first-place award.
The intention of the 2023 edition of The Tuscarora Review was to, “elevate the voices of marginalized stories, ideas, and topics to destigmatize these experiences that are simply everyday life events for many.” The student-led editorial board noted that this edition was created for “those who were ever too afraid to speak their truth, for those who ever felt silenced, unheard, or dismissed, and for those who have felt alone.”
Working on The Tuscarora Review benefits students by providing them with a unique experiential learning opportunity. “In one semester, students create a literary magazine that has a 44-year legacy at Frederick Community College,” said Magin LaSov Gregg, faculty advisor to the magazine. “They learn editing and publishing skills, and they also learn skills that transfer across disciplines, such as how to evaluate the work of their peers, how to reach consensus across differences, and how to consider multiple perspectives when making decisions.”
The American Scholastic Press Association places an emphasis on student journalism and writing while promoting ethical journalism and academic excellence. The Tuscarora Review focuses on quality writing and visual art and features poetry, fiction, essays, photography, paintings, drawings, and mixed media artwork submitted by students.
The 2023 edition was created by:
Editor-in-Chief: Alexandra Alward
Art Directors: Jess Flores and Catherine Vizas
Copy Editor: Hannah Goss-Harris
Assistant Copy Editors: Emily McNally and Katy Pennington
Social Media Director: Sophie Fellows
Design, Layout, and Production: Lori Schulman
Faculty Advisor: Magin LaSov Gregg, Associate Professor, English
Production Staff: Valerie Fox, Academic Office Manager, English Department
Art Collections: Wendell M. Poindexter, Professor and Art Program Manager
The Tuscarora Review is available to view online.
If you are interested in getting involved with the Tuscarora Review, you can contact Magin LaSov Gregg at [email protected].



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