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FCC Literary and Visual Arts Magazine Focuses on Mental Health, Earns First-Place Award
The Frederick Community College literary and visual arts magazine has earned a first-place award from the 2022 American Scholastic Press Association.

The 2022 edition of the Tuscarora Review was dedicated to supporting student mental health, a decision the editorial board made after it reviewed submissions and noticed “a theme of pieces forged under the strain of different mental illnesses or challenges to wellbeing,” according to the magazine’s dedication. With that in mind, the editorial board “decided to showcase the complexity of mental illness by highlighting pieces that showed both the universal experience and the unique perspective of stories to be considered.”

The goal of this edition was to reflect the stories of those impacted by the mental health crisis, amplify the voices of those often pushed aside, and give readers space to share their own stories.

"This magazine shines light on what can be deeply isolating experiences for our students and lets them know they are not alone,” said Magin LaSov Gregg, Faculty Advisor to the magazine. “We care and we value their courageous creative expression.”

The annual publication features poetry, fiction, essays, photography, paintings, drawings, and mixed media artwork submitted by students.

The 2022 edition was created by:
Editor-in-Chief: Katherine Weinhold (former student)
Art Director: Eileene Zimmer (former student)
Copy Editor: Lynne Regules (former student)
Design, Layout, and Production: Lori Schulman
Faculty Advisor: Magin LaSov Gregg, Associate Professor, English
Production Staff:
Valerie Fox, Academic Office Manager, English Department
Wendell M. Poindexter, Professor and Art Program Manager

The Tuscarora Review is available to view online.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Tuscarora Review, you can contact Magin LaSov Gregg at [email protected].



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