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Physical Therapy Assistant Physical Therapy Assistant Physical Therapist Assistant
Allied Health Contact: Dr. Amelia Iams, Director of Physical Therapist Assistant Education • • 301.846.2644 Admissions: Select Admissions Coordinator: Abby Sines - Health Sciences Advising: Jennifer McAninley • Amber Tobery Financial Aid:FCC Finanical Aid
Allied HealthContact:
Dr. Amelia Iams, Director of Physical Therapist Assistant Education
Select Admissions Coordinator
Abby Sines
Health Sciences Advising
Jennifer McAninley
Amber Tobery

Program Admission

College Admissions Policy & Procedure

Enrollment in the technical portion of the Physical Therapist Assistant program is limited to 25 students for each cohort. To be considered, you must:

  • Apply to FCC
    • Complete placement tests needed for FCC application
    • Submit official high school or college transcripts
    • Minimum unweighted 2.5 GPA from high school transcripts OR cumulative of college work (at least 12 credits)
  • Pre-requisites: applicants must complete the following requirements with a grade of C or higher*
    • MATH – MATH 120 Statistics or Higher
    • BSCI 150- Principles of Biology


When there are more qualified applicants than there are seats in the program a point system is used to select candidates admission to the technical portion of FCC’s PTA program. Points are assigned for grades in specific general education courses (see application worksheet) completed by time of the application, work experience, and previous degrees. The students with the highest point total are offered admission to the program. If an accepted student declines his/her seat in the program or fails to complete the two pre-requisite course requirements, the next eligible student with the highest score is offered admission to the program.


Admission Information and Advising



Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) A.A.S
☑ This is a Selective Admissions Program
The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) A.A.S. program prepares students for a career in physical therapy and allows students to enter the workforce directly after passing the national licensing examination.

The Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S. degree program prepares students for a career in healthcare as a licensed physical therapist assistant (PTA).  PTAs work with patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly, who have injuries or health-related conditions that limit their ability to move or participate in activities.  A PTA works under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist to help individuals regain their strength and mobility to live healthier lives.  There are a variety of settings that PTAs can practice such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and schools.

Physical Therapist Assistant students participate in various classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences. The laboratory experience provides the opportunity for hands-on experience in preparation for clinical practice in diverse clinical settings. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all general education courses and a grade of “B” or higher is required in each technical course for progression within the PTA program. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) and apply for state licensure within the US.

The Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S. degree program at FCC is a Selective Admissions Program. This pathway is for students who have been accepted into the program only. Students who have not yet been accepted into the program should begin the Pre-Health Professions and apply to the Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S. degree program after all selective admissions courses have been completed.

Job Pathways

Upon completion of the PTA A.A.S. degree, students are prepared to take the National PTA Licensing Examination. Students who pass the licensing exam earn credentials to work as a Physical Therapist  Assistant.

Practice Setting

Physical Therapist assistants work in hospitals, outpatient therapy clinics, schools, nursing facilities, research laboratories, rehabilitation centers, and similar practice settings.

Duration / Time to Complete

This program is designed for students to complete 70 credits in 6 semesters, or approximately two years. Because the curriculum is still in development, this information is subject to modifications.

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* For curriculum information from earlier academic years, please refer to the archives of the FCC Academic Catalog.

Accreditation Statement

Effective April 26, 2022, Frederick Community College PTA Program has been granted Candidate for Accreditation status by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085; phone: 703-706- 3245; email: [email protected]). If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call Amelia Iams, PT, DPT at 301-846-2644 or email [email protected]. Candidate for Accreditation is an accreditation status of affiliation with the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education that indicates the program may matriculate 25 students in technical/professional courses. Achievement of Candidate for Accreditation status does not assure that the program will be granted Initial Accreditation.

Understanding the Accreditation Process for the PTA Program at FCC

Achievement of Candidate for Accreditation status does not assure that the program will be granted Initial Accreditation.  FCC will have to submit further documentation in a self-study report in December of 2023. The program will undergo another site visit and enrolled students and clinical partners maybe interviewed.  The accreditation board will review all documents related to the self-study and site visit and determine a decision for accreditation prior to the graduation of the charter class.   In order to obtain a license to practice Physical Therapy in the United States, you must pass a national licensure exam.  To take the national exam you must graduate from an accredited program.  According to the accreditation board for PTA programs “All credits and degrees earned and issued by a program holding candidacy are considered to be from an accredited program”, therefore all students in the charter class, who successfully complete the program will be able to sit for the national licensure exam.  The national licensure exam for PTAs is provided several times a year.  Students will be able to sit for the July 2024 exam following graduation from the program in May 2024.


PTA Program Complaints
Frederick County Public School students receive free tuition at FCC for all courses. Fee and book scholarships may be available for select programs. Students should speak with their high school counselor first if they plan to enroll in an FCC workforce development course or program.


For related non-credit Continuing Education & Workforce Development (CEWD) programs, see Healthcare Careers. Please note that these courses are not affiliated with FCC credit or certificate programs. While CEWD courses do not provide academic credits, participants experience affordable, flexible, and rewarding programs. Select CEWD courses offer industry-recognized training for licensure and career certification at the state and national level.
Mission, Values, and Goals

Program Pathway and Description

Program Manuals

Core Faculty

Physical Therapist Assistants
$59,770.00/yr • +32%*
*Median pay, projected job growth or decline from 2020 - 2030. Data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2020 Edition.
Admissions: Abby Sines • 301.624.2716 Advising: Jefferson Hall(J200)

Financial Aid: Jefferson Hall (J300) • 301.846.2620