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Welcome to MOSAIC!

An intentional space dedicated to challenging the campus to create a community where everyone is included and valued.





MOSAIC is an acronym for Making Our Spaces An Inclusive Community, and the MOSAIC Center seeks to do just that. We celebrate diversity through cultural, religious, and traditional festivities, address inequities through courageous conversations, promote inclusion through intentional interaction, and much more.






  1. Every student will feel included on our campus and understand that their contribution to our community is valued.  
  2. Every student will have the opportunity during their time at FCC (Frederick Community College) to challenge their perceptions of the world and think critically about their beliefs.
  3. Every student will be able to engage in respectful communication with people who differ in both body and mind from themselves. 




Spark a Conversation, Move Beyond Strangers
This series will facilitate 1:1 conversations between members of different communities. Participants get to choose an identity that they would like to know more about, and speak to a member of that group.

Cultural Celebrations
The diversity of our community means there is a lot to celebrate. From Lunar New Year to Diwali to Kwanzaa, there are many ways that we can see the beauty in our diversity through sharing the many joyful celebrations. Come see how to party throughout the world!
Courageous Conversations
Even if we don't agree, we need to know how to talk about our perspectives. This series will engage on hot-button issues and give us the tools to be able to have respectful dialogue about anything, and with anyone.

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Cody Rosenbarker
Student Center, Room H-100C
Phone: 240-629-7841
Email: [email protected]


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