Helpful Services

Adult Services 

Adult Services offers a variety of services for adults returning to college. Designed to ease the transition into the classroom for those who are returning to begin or complete a degree, acquire marketable skills, or retrain for a new career, the office offers information and referral to College and community resources, workshops, and special services for single parents and displaced homemakers. The Women's Center at Adult Services provides a centralized resource site to access information and referrals to College and community services.
Apartment Locator
For students who are looking to relocate to the Frederick area, the Center for Student Engagement has compiled a listing of area apartments and rental agencies. This list is provided for information only and FCC does not recommend or endorse any of these properties or management companies.
Bulletin Boards
Students with a message to share, an event to promote, a service to offer, or an item to sell may use the bulletin boards located throughout College buildings. All announcements must be approved by the Center for Student Engagement, located in the Student Center, H-101, before posting. Job announcements should be posted with Career Services in Jefferson Hall, J-200. Housing notices and books for sale should be posted on the board outside the Center for Student Engagement.
Cellphone Chargers
Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to use the cellphone chargers located in the Center for Student Engagement, first floor of Jefferson Hall, the Bookstore and at the Monroe Center. The College is not responsible for phones left at the chargers unattended.
Email NewsBlasts
Each week, the Center for Student Engagement will send out emails to all current students announcing upcoming events. Be sure to check your myFCC email account.
FCC Alert 
All students should sign up to receive alerts about College emergencies and weather closings.

Faxing and Scanning Documents
Students can send faxes or scan documents in the Center for Student Engagement at no charge.
Food Pantry
A food pantry is available at both the Monroe Center (in the Student Lounge) and on the Main Campus (in the Center for Student Engagement, H101) for students who need food to hold them throughout the day, and are unable to pay for food in the Grille. Students may visit the pantry once per day, taking up to two items per visit. Free popcorn is also available in the Center for Student Engagement Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  The CSE pantry on the  Main Campus is accessible after hours by request of a security guard or building services employee.  For additional food resources in the community, please visit:

Lactation Rooms
Lactation rooms, located in the Student Center, H-221, Linganore Hall, L-227A and Monroe Center, MC148, provide private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse. These rooms are equipped with a comfortable chair, a small table, and an electrical outlet and can be reserved by contacting the Shelby Carmon in the Center for Student Engagement at 301.624.2793 or by Email.
Microwave Ovens
Microwaves are available for student use in the Cougar Grille dining area and in the SGA office area (located in the Student Center, H-106C). Please be sure to clean up your mess in and around the microwaves.
Multicultural Student Services 

Multicultural Student Services provides a comprehensive support program that consists of academic planning, counseling, mentoring, leadership development and dynamic cross-cultural experiences to ensure the successful transition to college and completion of a college degree or certificate. This office offers additional support to students who may be experiencing academic challenges, having difficulty adjusting to the college environment or just need a little extra support. Our experienced advisors and our wide variety of workshops and activities provide something beneficial for all students.

Multifaith Prayer Rooms
Private space are available to reserve for prayer rooms. Contact the Center for Student Engagement at 301-624-2793 or email Shelby Carmon.

Personal Items
The Center for Student Engagement has feminine products, condoms, and basic first aid supplies available free of charge for students. Visit us in H-101!

Suggestion Boxes
Students who have suggestions about FCC can leave their suggestions on the SGA office door located in the Student Center, H-106B.
Tickets for Events
For some FCC and community-sponsored events, free tickets for FCC students, faculty, and staff may be available from the Center for Student Engagement. Stop by the Student Center, H-101, regarding availability of tickets. For most events in the JBK Theater or Black Box Studio, tickets may be purchased from the Theater Box Office. Be sure to inquire about a student discount.
TransIT is Frederick County’s public transportation system, and provides transportation to FCC’s main campus and the Monroe Center. Discounted student tickets can be purchased in the Bookstore. For more information on Frederick County TransIT, visit
Veteran and Military Services 
VMS helps students distinguish and secure financial resources to pay for college, connects students with College and community services, provides academic advising, and more. We also help students adapt their service member training to the classroom. Additionally, the VMS team provides support to our students if they encounter obstacles or challenges as they are working towards their goals. Our goal is to help each veteran, active duty military, National Guard member, Reservist, and their family members achieve success in civilian and college life.

Voter Registration
FCC encourages all students, faculty, and staff to exercise their privilege and right to vote in national and local elections. Voter registration forms are available in the Center for Student Engagement, or in the Welcome Center, located in Jefferson Hall. Maryland residents can also access information online at