Q:  Does it cost anything to apply? The application is free! You can apply online or fill out paper application and return it to us.

Q:  Do I have to come onto campus to apply?

You can apply online at Frederick.edu

Q: Do I have to decide a major?

A:  You will meet with advisors who can help determine what is the best plan for you.  In addition, you can take general education courses that apply to many majors.

Q:  Does it cost anything to take the placement tests?

A:  The placement tests are free!

Q:  Do I have to make an appointment for the placement tests?

A:  The placement tests are offered on a walk-in basis. Come in anytime during their hours. They are untimed so you should allow about an hour per test.

Q: Does it cost anything to meet with an advisor?

A:  Meeting with an advisor is free! They will help you plan out your courses to ensure you are taking the right courses for your major.

Q:  When is my tuition due?

A:  It will depend on the date that you sign up for classes. When you sign up for your classes, you will receive a bill from the Student Accounts office and they will let you know when payment is due. FCC has a payment plan – ask the Student Accounts office if you are eligible to sign up. If you have applied for Financial Aid, inform the Student Accounts office.


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