Photo ID and Parking

Photo ID

Did you know? Every FCC student attending classes on campus is required to obtain an official Student Photo ID card. Please visit the Jefferson Hall Welcome Center or the Monroe Center Welcome Desk during regular operating hours to request and receive this important identification card. We look forward to seeing you soon! ID Cards are used by the Library, Bookstore, Testing center or to sign onto Navigate, and must be shown when doing business with the College (e.g.,picking up transcripts, paying bills, etc.). Students at all physical campus locations are required to obtain FCC Student's Photo ID, during their first semester of enrolling into classes at FCC.



All enrolled students may get a parking sticker, at no cost, from Registration & Records, located in Jefferson Hall, J-101. Students may park in any space not designated as staff parking or other unauthorized spaces such as handicapped or reserved spaces. Students parking in unauthorized spaces will be issued citations and vehicles parked illegally, disrupting traffic flow, or creating a safety hazard will be towed at the owner’s expense. In addition to our many parking lots, FCC has a three-story, 350-space parking deck for students adjacent to the Conference Center.



Directions to the FCC Main Campus and the Monroe Center can be found here.


Hours of Operation

Hours for the FCC Main Campus and the Monroe Center can be found here.